Minecraft PE 0.10.5 update notes MIA, not for iOS

By Alan Ng - Jan 16, 2015

As we have told you in the past, all eyes are on Mojang with regards to the highly anticipated Minecraft PE 0.11.0 update release date. The developers had previously said that no new patches would be out before the next major version, but we have since seen this stance change as a surprise new Minecrat PE 0.10.5 update for Android has arrived.

Within the last few days, Mojang has already released this update on Android devices. However, we can tell you that this update is exclusive to Android and won’t be made available on iOS.

This is due to the fact that it is a very minor update and we’re guessing that Mojang didn’t want to go through the full process of having the update approved by Apple’s App Store.


Because it’s a minor update, we don’t even have the Minecraft PE 0.10.5 update notes as developer Johan Bernhardsson confirms that it is very minor in detail.

They are still working on the Minecraft PE 0.11.0 patch in the meantime and we can only presume that it is days rather than weeks away from release.

Android users can get this update now. Let us know if you have spotted anything different in the game compared to 0.10.4.

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  • LUIS6234

    they should now put the update on the apple app store.

    • LUIS6234

      Because many people use the apple phones

  • stevenThegreat

    chunks are hard to load in servers for mcpe 0.10.4 even with lowest render distance and lowest brightness , also all the fancy animation stuff off also

  • Gulpythethird

    My 📶 is not working on my moms phone for some reason!

  • Gulpythethird

    It’s April 3rd right now and still no update!

  • Minecraftboy

    Holy **** this is unfair!!!!!!!

  • Minecraft diamond master

    Give iOS users the update!!! I found to many external servers for 0.10.5 and I can join them. And why do you have to play favorites! Let us have it to!!!!!!

  • Awesomenes

    And it isn’t fair to iOS users

  • Awesomenes

    I saw a frozen mod for v.0.10.5 only and I have an iPad mini so I can’t do it now😔
    please let iOS have this update

  • iPadGamer

    I need this… My pe server will crash without 0.10.5

  • SparkleKitty144

    I have an iPad mini 10S

  • SparkleKitty144

    When is 0.11.0 COMEING out I been waiting for A long time. 😔

    • Minecraft boy

      This is so unfair

      • Minecraftboy

        Mojang you better read this