Is a PS4 price cut in 2015 necessary after MS pressure?

By Alan Ng - Jan 16, 2015

Now that the dust has settled on Microsoft’s surprising announcement of another Xbox One price cut in the US, where does this leave Sony with regards to mounted pressure to introduce a PS4 price cut in 2015?

To quickly recap, the Xbox One is now back at $349, which is the same price which was introduced over the Holiday period, but later changing back to the $400 point in December.

Microsoft sure does love a u-turn or two, although it is obviously great news for those that are thinking of heading to Xbox One in the new year.

Will Sony be tempted though? Obviously they are not stupid and they will be well aware of the positive reaction that Microsoft are getting over another price cut.


Also, it’s now been confirmed that due to Microsoft’s price cuts over the Holiday season, the Xbox One has outsold the PS4 for November and December according to the NPD data, so will Sony cave in?

Right now, the PS4 is still selling extremely well worldwide at $399, while Microsoft’s recent success is only in the US market where the company recently unleashed some fantastic retailer bundle packages.

As we’ve seen down the years, Sony has not been one to give in to pressure though, so something tells us that we won’t see a price cut so soon. Holiday 2015 may be the time when Sony will consider it after seeing the success that Microsoft has had.

Before that though? – No chance in our opinion. Give us your reaction to Microsoft’s sudden price cut. Do you think that Sony will be tempted or even pressured into lowering the PS4 price to $349 to match Microsoft, or will they stick to their guns at $399?

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  • Nettrick Nowan

    I own both systems and prefer my PS4, but I found myself actually recommending the Xbox One to some families over the holidays, mainly because of the value (price and games included) and the fact that their equipment probably isn’t good enough to highlight the PS4’s slight edge over the graphics. I don’t run Sony–but I sure would like to know what’s behind their thought processes since Black Friday.