Icebreaker arrives in Xur’s new items in Destiny

By Alan Ng - Mar 8, 2015

Xur has once again appeared in the tower. For those that want to know where is Xur today, we have the information you need you know, including the items that Xur has for sale this week.

The massive news, is that those praying for the Icebreaker to appear have had some answers at last. The luxurious Exotic sniper rifle is now available from Xur and it instantly kills off recent rumors suggesting that Bungie may have taken it out of the RNG cycle.

Firstly though, you’ll need to know where the slippery ninja is. Xur’s location on Jan 16 is next to the Crucible vendors. It should be easy to spot this time, but as usual just follow wherever you see the big crowd.


This week, aside from the Ice Breaker, we also see that Xur has the Glasshouse Helmet. Other notable items up for grabs are the Obsidian Mind which could be brand new – you can see a confirmation of this from the image below which shows Xur carrying the weapon.


Bungie has finally answered our calls everyone. How do you feel about the fact that after months of waiting, the Icebreaker is available again?

Those who have it may not be happy as now everyone is going to buy it, but at least it will stop the constant calls to Bungie asking if they had removed it from Xur’s wares.

Icebreaker is here – are you happy or not?

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  • Nahson

    Stringer Bell?!

  • Rick DenDekker

    I saved strange coin for months waiting for this! Had Icebreaker drop from a raid chest last week,lol! Bungie you so random;(

  • wowgivemeabreak

    That stringer bell person is a complete idiot. Many people already have the weapons so those who don’t shouldn’t be able to get them? Furthermore, what the hell does it matter to others what people use in PvE? So now people don’t want others to better enjoy their games? What else does stringer bell think people should not be allowed to have/do in their games and lives?

    The lack of logic is IQ reducing.

    • Seriously?

      Oh the irony of someone talking about a lack of IQ when they start their message calling someone names.

      • holdyourhorses

        You think Einstein never called someone an idiot?