Destiny Obsidian Mind review for Nova bomb heaven

We have just given you the pleasing news about the Icebreaker being sold by Xur at last this week, but now it is time to talk about another new item that you should buy straight away.

Xur is also selling the Obsidian Mind exotic helmet for Warlocks and it could turn out to be an essential item when taking on the Crota’s End Raid on hard mode next week.

This helmet is another new piece of gear attached to the Dark Below DLC. Now Xur is selling it and it comes with some amazing abilities that shouldn’t be overlooked in the midst of Icebreaker fever.


One of the key features is Insatiable, a special ability that can reduce the cooldown time of Nova bomb, whenever you get kills with Nova bomb.

We can’t tell you how amazing this ability is. Not only is it extremely useful for taking out large mobs at once, but you’ll also be generating a ton of orbs of light for your teammates too.

With other gear combinations equipped, you can basically have a cycle of never-ending nova bombs and this is really going to help you out in the raid next week.

Finally, the design of this helmet is very badass and dare we say it, a bit Tron-like? Check out a quick Destiny Obsidian Mind review that we have added below and let us know your own thoughts on it.

Have you just picked up this from Xur? Give us your first impressions below after tasting a slice of nova bomb heaven!



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