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Celebrate Martin Luther King Day 2015 with apps

Martin Luther King Day 2015 will fall on the 19th of January, which is this coming Monday and so will be the ideal time to reflect on the great man, and to remember some of those famous quotes he said back in the day.

We understand that there will be many of you out there that will not know too much about the man, and so we ask that you help to celebrate MLK Day by downloading one of the many apps to do with him on the Google Play Store.

One of the most recent apps to be updated is Martin Luther King Jr Quotes, which saw it get an update back on January 1st of this year. There are no silly gimmicks to this app, as it does exactly what is says, and that is to offer great words of wisdom.

Celebrate Martin Luther King Day 2015

The next app, simply titled Martin Luther King is a history lesson about the man, which is ideal for those of you that have heard a lot about him, but have yet to fully understand his importance to American history.

The final app that we would like to mention is not merely just to showcase quotes, but also a full bio of MLK, facts and a gallery.

How will you be celebrating Martin Luther King Day this year?



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