Xbox One price cut again – dominance or desperation?

By Alan Ng - Jan 15, 2015

Microsoft has many reasons to be very happy at the moment. After managing to outsell the Sony PS4 in November sales with the Xbox One due to an aggressive marketing strategy, the company has just revealed that they have managed to continue this trend by outselling Sony in December as well – according to the latest figures from the NPD.

As a result, Microsoft is pleased to announce that the Xbox One will be available in the US again for just $349. This is the same price which we saw the console during the Holiday period – with Microsoft reverting the price back to $400 after the sales were up.

Now though, they have had another change of heart and it means that the price is back to $350. Even better, it that it looks like this could be a permanent change as there is no indication at the moment on an expiration date for the new price.


We have seen that some Sony fans are calling this a sign of ‘desperation’ by Microsoft, but others are commending Microsoft for giving back to their fans after two months of ‘domination’.

Either way, it can only be good for those who have always wanted to pick up an Xbox One but have so far refused. $350 is a very attractive price point indeed, especially when you can also get a new Xbox One game in the box as well included.

There’s more from Microsoft on their ‘record-breaking’ Holiday season over on the Xbox Wire. Let us know your thoughts on the price and your views on some gamers calling this ‘desperation’.

Is this unfair when in reality, we should be praising Microsoft for dropping the price again? The new price will be live as of Friday January 16 – let us know if you plan on buying!

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  • krumbs

    The only desparation i see is from these pathetic indiebox lovers below. Xbox one has better games, features, multimedia capabilities and online service than ps4…by far. And microsoft has the financial power to whatever they want with the price….and trust me they arent losing any $. Everytime a ps4 idiot purchases minecraft on the pathetic ps4 indiebox…microsoft makes $. Do you know how many minecraft copies have sold. Microsoft is brilliant and sony is bankrupt. Oh and xbox one is a more powerful gaming machine as well…it allocates significantly more cpu power to games than ps4. Take that back to your stall and cry pony boys.

    • Josh101


      “Oh and xbox one is a more powerful gaming machine as well.”

      “http:// www .extremetech. com /gaming /156273-xbox-720-vs-ps4-vs-pc-how-the-hardware-specs-compare”

      The PS4’s GPU (Which handles graphics) has twice the ROPS as the XboxOne’s and more compute units for graphics processing. The PS4 with GDDR5 gaming ram is better than XboxOne with ESRAM and DDR3 ram, which is used for media.

      “And microsoft has the financial power to whatever they want with the price..”

      Yeah, money-hatting exclusives left and right because they don’t have the creativity or studios to MAKE their OWN games. Minecraft is a great example that you already used. Microsoft didn’t create Minecraft, they bought its success. Pathetic….

      “…microsoft makes $.”
      Yup and you know how they have been doing it? By targeting ad’s at you on Xbox360 and charging for EVERY feature on the system with XboxLive. They even locked the web-browser behind the paywall and idiots like yourself paid for it!!!

      • krumbs

        U are truly an ponidiot. Bye bye

        • Josh101

          Awhhh, can’t handle the facts huh? It’s ok, you can make another account and spew B.S. It will never make you right. :^)

        • lm doin fine, how about you

          You again, three simple words( l didn’t use three words last time HAHA) improve your grammer.

    • lm doin just fine, how about y

      Calm down, dear! I just came to this site to visit and l get this hate rammed right through ma eyes. Three simple words: get a job you like, get an education, improve your outlooks, get a girlfriend, have some kids, take a holiday, l’m considering going to Japan, myself, to learn a bit more about my love for Aikido. I say this because you clearly are very depressed to focus all your energy on this nonsense “fanboyism” ( that includes you Sony folk too)! Now l’m going to play some games on my PS4 and enjoy the company of my loved ones. One more thing, MS or Sony don’t give a two rats about your wellbeing, they want your money £ or $ and your braincells it seems with your rediculous comment, END OF DEBATE. MOVE ASIDE NOW!

    • Tink Rhonda Lee Mse

      CPUs are the same only microsoft overclocked theirs by 10% which would make it it die quicker. You’re welcome.

    • Tink Rhonda Lee Mse

      I have the Wii U anyways. Lol.

  • Josh101

    “We have seen that some Sony fans are calling this a sign of ‘desperation’ by Microsoft, but others are commending Microsoft for giving back to their fans after two months of ‘domination’.”

    Yes it is a sign of desperation. Microsoft is giving nothing back to their fans after “two months of domination.” They cut the price to 350$, retailers lowered that price and added additional games because the XboxOne wasn’t selling. It’s amazing the spin the media and Microsoft uses. There are still launch day bundles available, everywhere. Also, the U.S. is not the world. Sony dominated world-wide sales with Sony recently revealing 18.5 million consoles sold-through to consumers. While Microsoft keeps reporting sold-to retailers numbers. Yeah, this is desperation on behalf on Microsoft.

    • krumbs

      Wah wah…you playin knack or driveclub ?? some real winners !

      • Josh101

        Playing both!!! They are pretty awesome. Driveclub is the best looking racer that has ever been released on consoles, it completely destroys Forza and FH2. You enjoying the downgraded Forza 5 and Forza Horizons 2? How about Titanfall that was forgotten about within 2 months? What about Sunset Overdrive that was popular for all of 5 days?

        • krumbs

          Ponidiot…go look at the metacritic scores for driveclub and forza horizon 2. Titanfall dead rising sunset halo for me..luv them all. U have fun with knack and driveclub !! Me no more talk to such a poinidiot. Bye bye.

        • Josh101

          Metacritic scores is what you have as your ammo? A aggregate website with content provided by non-gamer reviewers such as IGN? Laughable. I am having fun with Knack, Killzone Shadowfall, Infamous Second Son, Velocity 2X. I’m enjoying Shareplaying games I don’t own like Grand Theft Auto 5 with friends. I am enjoying remote-playing all of my PS4 games on my PS Vita when I travel to countries. I enjoy all the cross-buy and cross-play games I get for one price across multiple systems. I also enjoy playing my game while it downloads in the backround. Which takes the XboxOne HOURS to do. I am enjoying playing real exclusives that aren’t just timed, money-hatted exclusives. I will soon enjoy Bloodborne and The Order 1886. I am also enjoying all the multi-platform games that perform better on Sony’s PS4 due to the stronger architecture and stronger GPU 🙂

        • lm doin fine, how about you

          CAPITALS. U lazy grammer ( see what l did there)? Me no more talk is not how you start a sentence. Please go away. Everyone stop replying to him or her so l don’t have to correct him or her. I just want to read the sensible comments GODAMITT! HA ha ha.

      • lm doin fine, how about you

        Remember Capitals with a capital C. drive club no no no, it’s Driveclub or Knack not knack. They are a title or name of something if you will. See how l didn’t use a capital to start that last sentence. Oh, you also only need one ? mark, not ??

      • Tink Rhonda Lee Mse

        Bayonetta 2.

      • Tink Rhonda Lee Mse

        Captain Toad treasure tracker.

  • Nettrick Nowan

    I own all three systems this gen and rank them in terms of my preference PS4–Wii U–Xbox One.

    But I can certainly see how the Xbox One price drop could help them lead in sales dominance. The price point on the Xbox One is so attractive, I have no problem seeing how Microsoft is leading in sales. Sony kind of slept through all of this and will continue to pay for it.

    • krumbs

      I own all systems to mr pony guy…ummm ummm i rank them like this xbox one (mine), xbox one (kids), xbox one (brothers), wii (kids), ps4 (oops sold it cause it sucks). U sad little pony ?

      • xEthann98

        I just clicked on this ‘krumbs’ guys profile and all his comments are bashing ps4 and it’s users. 360 was better than ps3 but ps4 beats the xbox one this time around.

      • Tink Rhonda Lee Mse

        What about the Wii U?