Xbox One price cut again – dominance or desperation?

By Alan Ng - Jan 15, 2015

Microsoft has many reasons to be very happy at the moment. After managing to outsell the Sony PS4 in November sales with the Xbox One due to an aggressive marketing strategy, the company has just revealed that they have managed to continue this trend by outselling Sony in December as well – according to the latest figures from the NPD.

As a result, Microsoft is pleased to announce that the Xbox One will be available in the US again for just $349. This is the same price which we saw the console during the Holiday period – with Microsoft reverting the price back to $400 after the sales were up.

Now though, they have had another change of heart and it means that the price is back to $350. Even better, it that it looks like this could be a permanent change as there is no indication at the moment on an expiration date for the new price.


We have seen that some Sony fans are calling this a sign of ‘desperation’ by Microsoft, but others are commending Microsoft for giving back to their fans after two months of ‘domination’.

Either way, it can only be good for those who have always wanted to pick up an Xbox One but have so far refused. $350 is a very attractive price point indeed, especially when you can also get a new Xbox One game in the box as well included.

There’s more from Microsoft on their ‘record-breaking’ Holiday season over on the Xbox Wire. Let us know your thoughts on the price and your views on some gamers calling this ‘desperation’.

Is this unfair when in reality, we should be praising Microsoft for dropping the price again? The new price will be live as of Friday January 16 – let us know if you plan on buying!

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