Tata Bolt price and launch date particulars

The Tata Bolt launch date is on the 22nd of January and will take place in 100 cities simultaneously, which is a first for the carmaker. The reason for such a move is to try and grab a larger share of the small car market in India, which is currently shared by the likes of Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai Motor India.

Narrowing down the Tata Bolt price – This new hatchback has yet to receive its official pricing, although it is expected to cost between Rs 4.25 lakh and Rs 6.5 lakh. If you are interested, then you can book one of these models for Rs 11,000.

Tata Bolt launch date particulars

You can even book a test drive now by registering your details on this special page set up by Tata. You also get to learn a great deal about the new model, which is not to be confused with the upcoming EV from Chevrolet. We find it strange that they would call one of their upcoming cars the Chevy Bolt, when the name of Tata’s small hatchback also shares the same name.

We have already seen some positive Tata Bolt reviews with the review from Auto Car being one of the better ones in terms of detail. Ok, so they know there are a few issues with the model, but understands it is a good alternative to the Zest.



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