Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate demo code shares

By Alan Ng - Jan 15, 2015

The hunt is now on for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate demo codes for Europe and North America. We can confirm that Nintendo are now in the process of distributing codes for EU gamers, so check your inbox now as you could have four codes waiting for you.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is now scheduled for a launch on February 13 in both regions, but before that you have the chance to play the game ahead of launch.

We can see that some lucky EU Nintendo 3DS owners have started to receive codes in their inbox, one code for themselves and three others to share with friends.


As far as we’re aware, Nintendo has not yet distributed the Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate demo codes for NA and the EU codes are region locked – so you can’t use a EU code on a NA system and vice versa.

The good news though, is that help is already underway courtesy of Reddit. We can see that a Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate demo code share event is underway, with thousands of users sharing their codes that they don’t want – for others to use who haven’t yet received anything from Nintendo.

As soon as the NA codes go live, this will also be the place where you can get a MHU4 demo code in the quickest time, so we suggest you bookmark this site and keep checking it every so often.

Let us know if you have already obtained a code in the EU, or if you are still waiting to get one in US.

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  • fuzunumitamarukun

    will be much appreciated if someone could share a code. thanks.

  • Guest

    still waiting for a US code. If you have a spare code please share it to me. im new to the game series and want to experience playing. email add @

  • Saphy89115

    Might as well try too. I would love a code.

  • kaysta

    EU code neede if theres a spare please may have one thanks

  • AnthonyRivers

    us code wanted pls

  • Stonebraker Trevor

    Can i get a US code?

  • Zmm

    I so wish I was able to get the email code. I guess my club membership didn’t make the count in the us D:

  • jerry charlier

    Can anyone send me a US code my email is and now I have become desperate I just want try it out I’m new to all this

  • Jeremy Muniz

    email plz big fanboy

  • iglfranks

    Please email with a UK demo code

  • Gjoh514

    I’m waiting for an north american code please =>

  • Lennon

    If someone has a NA cod would you please send it to

  • Coraima Calderon

    somebody have a free code send it to

  • Xill-74

    Hello guys, I wonder if someone would be gracious enough to email me a EU code to, I am an avid MH fan having played as far back as the playstation 2 version of MH. ive played every release since and still not been able to receive a code yet 🙁 so if anyone can help a hunter out I would be over the moon.

  • Kilrathorn

    If someone has a spare code could you please send it to

    You have my thanks

  • Soua

    Please share a code with me. Thanks!

  • Kdog

    I have a hankering for some monster steak, share a code I’m in the US

  • Adam

    Plz share a code with dis guy↓

  • Adam
    send a code plz

  • Asuken

    I want this code for EU so badly, please if someone has one left – spare it with me, thank you! Mail:

    a fellow hunter

  • sangan

    Could someone please spare an NA demo code? My mail: Thank you!

  • Kadavar

    I wait for an Eu code, thx

  • NipNarpTheDestroyerOfWorlds

    if there are any left please send me one!:

  • tigrex123

    Can i please have a EU demo code E-mail:

  • Huntingfan

    Can I pls have a code? Been wanting it for so long. My region is US, email:

  • Monkey Bound

    i want one for eu please :

  • Gypsechu

    I would anyone that can gift a EU code email

  • zamtros

    code pls email

  • NewHunter27

    Can you share an EUR code? My email

  • mumbo888

    Can I have a code? email is

  • Edwin Sim

    can i have a code pls, email: ty

  • Gabe

    Hello everyone, I would really be grateful if someone has an extra code they can email me for north america please. My email is If you could thank you so much!

  • Aliano

    Hi, would sincerely appreciate mh4u demo code! north america , please. my email is

  • Kenfoo

    anyone still got extra code? this is my email :

  • emwykyu

    I would love you forever if someone could send me an EU code too?
    I have purchased the monster hunter 4 new 3ds bundle but this will be the first time I’ve ever played it so I’d love it if I could try it out beforehand :p

  • Noah Christopher LaBatteman

    Can anyone help me with a US code? my email is

  • George

    anyone having a spare code for NA? Would be greatly appreciated if you’d email one to me at

  • leonardo

    pls i need EU code, my email is, thank you

  • Jordi

    Hey, I hope someone has a spare EU code for me. My mail is

  • Majorpayne01

    Can some one send to

  • REC

    Anybody with a spare NA code? please,

  • jun

    Plz somebody send me a na demo code to
    I really want to try demo version T_T

  • Fuf

    Anyone with a spare code? please

  • Tom Battey

    If anyone has a spare EU code, that’d be AWESOME. I’m at
    Damn Nintendo and their false-scarcity-demo-code practices…

  • Moses please hit me for a code!

    • Moses

      US code please!

  • Joshua Gibson

    i would love to have one Ryu

    • RyuHaiku


      • Joshua Gibson
        • RyuHaiku

          Okay. I sent it! Enjoy the demo as much as I am. Lolz.

        • Joshua Gibson

          thank you very much….i will i can’t wait for the release

        • RyuHaiku

          You’re welcome! Neither can I! Preordered the collectors edition. I wish i could have gotten the new 3ds though. XD

  • RyuHaiku

    Anyone want a Us Code? I have one left. o.o

  • Arseth

    I’m looking for a EU code too! please if somebody has 1 unused code sent it to me.

  • Fitz

    I’m looking for a EU code. If anyone has a spare please sent me. My email is

  • Bruno Davila del Bosque

    I’m a big monster hunter fan since ps2 pls sed one na code to thanks a lot!

  • Jason Beltre

    I got the code first person to email me gets the code

    • sam

      Hello please can you send me the code my emil and by the way nice kid you got there 😺

  • Jason Beltre

    I haven’t received one yet if anyone gets one can you send me one please at and if I get the codes one lucky person will receive a code

  • Jason Beltre

    I still haven’t received one

  • LT_Sp0rk

    Should of said NA one ty.

  • LT_Sp0rk

    I still have not received one 🙁 but if a kind person has a extra I would appreciate one.

  • Brandon Polzin

    Extra code please! I would love to play!

  • johnmeme if anybody has an extra NA code I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

  • sam

    I wish someone can give me the us code 4 MH 4 demo 😟

  • Darklaw

    I would love a NA code if anyone has an extra

  • Monster Hunter T_T Na Code for me please T_T

  • Xan Xelsis

    If anyone gets a NA code they don’t want may I have it please? ^~^
    Email it to
    Thank you!~

  • Comitted21

    Same here guys. If anyone gets a code they dont want. Pls email it to me as well!

  • gagagaguy

    I would like any extra NA codes if no one would want them. Email me it! 😀

  • sam

    Hello if anyone can give me the us code then i appreciate it and thank you ^.^

  • Monster Hunter

    I am waiting for a code in NA but no luck T_T

  • Hunterfan

    Would be so happy if anyone can share a EU code with me:

  • gagagaguy

    Or email me mainly 🙂

  • gagagaguy

    If anyone here gets a code they wont want. Can you please pm me it? I would really appreciate it :D:D:D

  • Ezra

    Yup im still waiting for my demo code also.. hopefully today but I have a feeling it won’t be..

  • Anthony

    Still no NA demo codes released for NA version.

  • dcj91x

    There’s a lot of things Nintendo hasn’t given NA.. Like the regular size New3Ds with the interchangable faceplates.. I guess we’re “not the right market for them.” Besides they have everyone but the US already getting it they not need to give it to us.

  • Britoo

    What hour does the US codes are released? i’m dying for one =(