Destiny update release time in EST, GMT and PST

By Alan Ng - Jan 15, 2015

We have a quick heads-up for Destiny players now, as Bungie has provided some great information for the next Destiny update that has just been confirmed.

A new weekly Destiny update from Bungie’s blog confirms that a Destiny update is coming next week. Even better, is that Bungie has already revealed the estimated Destiny update release time for everyone.

We can tell you that the update will be live on Wednesday January 21 at 10am Pacific Time. That means for players on Eastern Time, expect the update at around 1pm in the afternoon.


For our UK players, that means an update at 6PM so make sure you are ready. Bungie has said that the Destiny patch notes will only go live after the update is out and not before.

The big change coming is the Crota’s End hard mode – We’ll talk about this in much more detail soon though. For now, give us your reaction to the upcoming update and how your experiences have been with the game so far.

Are you still addicted to the game and play daily, or have you become bored in recent weeks? Remember another Xur appearance is on the cards with his spawn in the early hours.

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  • Carlos Adell Osnaya

    After being without internet since december…only returning back today, i feel lost in Destiny and i want to keep playing because its fun, but idk, dnt feel like going through TONS OF HOURS of grinding just for upgrades , can someone tell me if the expansion is worth it?

    • Moisty

      its always worth it, just to be chilling with like-minded individuals while enjoying challenging(somewhat) new strikes and raid. besides theres always the next raid. and the next…