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HTC One M8 Android 5.0 release date close to M9

Not many handsets have been fortunate enough to take advantage of the Android 5.0 update, although there is word that HTC has a roadmap, and the HTC One M8 looks to be one of the first smartphones from the Chinese telecommunications company to take advantage of the updated mobile OS.

However, what makes us laugh is how the expected release of Android 5.0 Lollipop update for the M8 will not be until T1 2015, which is from now up until March. You might wonder why this would amuse us, and the reason is due to the fact its successor is also expected to be released in late March.

HTC One M8 Android 5.0 release date close to M9

The HTC One M9, or Hima as some of you may know it as looks set to be unveiled during MWC 2015 at the beginning of March, much like its predecessor.

Unlocked versions have already started to receive the update, although the HTC Android 5.0 update roadmap shows that there could be a long wait for some of the older models to take advantage of newer, improved mobile operating system.

We have included an image of the report above from the Vietnamese website that came across this rumored roadmap.



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