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Clash of Clans servers down for maintenance today

We have a quick heads-up for those of you who are wondering why Clash of Clans is down suddenly. There isn’t any problems with the game, you’ll be pleased to know – the developers Supercell have taken the game offline for a brief Clash of Clans maintenance window.

The developer has just sent out a confirmation of this on their Twitter page, which they always do whenever a new maintenance is live.

It looks like Supercell may be making preparations by laying the groundwork for the major Clash of Clans January update. A status update from the developer on Twitter reveals that server improvements are being targeted.


The good thing to remember is that these planned maintenance windows usually do not last very long. In fact we can’t remember a time when the game was offline for more than an hour.

Hopefully it will be the same case today with the Clash of Clans maintenance on January 14. In the meantime, let us know if Clash of Clans is down on Android and iOS for you at the moment.

What on earth are you going to do with your life now during the downtime?



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