New GTA V update in 2015 with Assassin DLC rumor

By Alan Ng - Jan 13, 2015

While GTA V players continue to ask questions on why Rockstar hasn’t released a single piece of GTA V story mode DLC for the game yet, we have some new rumors to tell you about what Rockstar could be planning to bring.

After two big expansions for GTA IV, we are surprised that it is taking so long for the same treatment for the latest game.

We fully expect the content to be amazing when it does arrive, but ask anyone if you thought that it would be almost one year and a half without story DLC since launch and they wouldn’t believe you.


As we again play Rockstar’s waiting game, some interesting rumors have appeared over on Twitter, which we thought you may be interested in hearing about.

It has been discovered that new code has been found in the game, relating to something known as “main_AGT”. While nobody knows for sure what this means, speculation has already started on social media, that Rockstar could be planning to bring some ‘Assassination’ type missions to single-player.

If true, it is interesting as remember that Rockstar are also thought to be in development of Agent – a “counter-intelligence, espionage and political assassinations” game that could end up as a PS4 exclusive after initially being announced as a PS3 exclusive.

We agree that details are very slim on this rumor so you may want to take this information with a pinch of salt. As we’re now in 2015 though, we think that questions need to be asked on the status of DLC and when Rockstar will finally deliver.

We’re presuming that GTA V story-mode DLC will release next after Heists. Would you like the theme to be assassination type missions? Give us your thoughts and ideas on this below.

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  • truevip

    I dont know if assassination focused SP would be ultra interesting considering the game basically is a massive slaughter field, but I agree casinos need to open to add to sandbox gameplay and they could even make a SP theme out of it. Maybe the three protagonists buy the casino to become “legit”, and it becomes robbed and a revenge-style war between the old crew and the new heist group ensues…. whatever the case, being GTA they need to expand on the sandbox options of side activities and things to do, and basically the overall interactivity of the world. Things like the grappling hook in Just Cause, ways to make the gameplay effectively unique in choices that allow creative and different aspects to all things. I suggested to R* that crews should have HQ bases to hold planes and helicopters that also could be raided by other crews and offer unique things like AI security and drivers, as well as activities like poker or mini-golf. GTA can be anything they want it to be, and they were smart to allow the game to be dynamically changeable in the way it is- so they can do whatever they want to do, and the limit is only what they choose it to be….

  • tj

    I would like the to see the casino open at some point ater all rockstar put up a sign saying opening soon a year ago

  • Airsoftelite

    I don’t believe anything unless rockstar states it themselves. Almost every dlc and update has meant to be heists according to all the blogs out there.