FIFA 15 EA servers briefly not available on PS4

- Jan 13, 2015

The FIFA 15 EA servers will briefly not be available on PS4 only later today, January 13. This has been confirmed by the official Twitter account, as you can see within a screenshot of the EA Sports tweet below and the outage will last only for 5 minutes.

One message PS4 players might see is “FIFA 15 EA servers not available at this time”, which could appear at 11:30PM in the UK and 3:30PM PST for USA. The downtime could last longer than the scheduled 5 minutes that’s clearly seen in the Twitter update.


It’s not clear if this was an exact timescale, or just a figure of speech, so we’ll let our readers debate that in the comments once the downtime starts.

Did the EA servers go down today at the said time and if so, did everything work again in FIFA 15 within 5 minutes? As we mentioned above, this is meant to be for PS4 consoles only and not impact Xbox One and 360. If your Xbox system has connection problems, then we’d love to hear about that as well below.

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  • Richard Bentley

    I dont know about the ps4 but at 20:00 when ea released the toty neuer and defenders into packs at 20:06 i couldnt get into fifa at all for an hour and a half

  • goran

    Thats what you get for buying a ps4 pauper machine.

  • Anon

    Same, just got back. However I got a DNF modifier from the match i was in -_-

  • Chicken

    I got back online and then it disconnected me half way in. Bloody fantastic

  • Linus

    EA as we know them. Second evening in a row i can’t play. 5 minutes my ass…

  • Fuller

    How long u been down for cos itts bout an hour for me now

  • dan the man

    Was the same last night

  • Chicken

    back offline. It let me play one game then as soon as i was back in the fut menu it lost conection to the servers typical…

  • Darn

    its down more than its fooking on !!!

  • Jordan

    This is rubbish

  • Piter

    Still down…

  • luke

    This is a joke

  • Jon

    Is anyone else down??

  • Jon

    Still down for me

  • Chciekn

    Back online lets ee how long for?

  • chicken

    Been down for about 10 minutes for me anyone got back on yet?

  • chicken

    me to

  • Adam Cheney

    Agreed, they are down right now.

  • to JJB v

    Why can’t I access the servers right now?