Destiny House of Wolves Exotic Weapons, Armor List

We could have some massive Destiny House of Wolves news to bring you now, with players now finishing up on Dark Below quests and eager to find out what the next expansion offers.

We already told you last year that two of the new House of Wolves DLC weapons were the 347 Vesta Dynasty scout rifle and and the Lord of Wolves shotgun.

Now, these two weapons have been confirmed again but this time with a whole list of other Destiny House of Wolves Exotic armor that we haven’t heard about before.

The origin of this leak appears to have come from 4Chan, but has since found its way to Reddit where it has been shared like wildfire.


Looking at the content we can also see that House of Wolves will feature three new helmets with the Eternal Warrior, the ExoTac Angel Hunter and The Ram. Three potential new Gauntlets include ACD/0 Feedback Fence, Ikaheka’s Hooks and Nothing Manacles.

There is going to be one new Exotic Chest armor for House of Wolves too, called the Purifier Robes which can explode enemies killed by ignite effects.

Finally, two new pairs of Exotic Leg Armor is thought to be on the way too with the Peregrine Greaves – they will be able to deal bonus damage with Shoulder Charge if activated in the air.

While the best of all and perhaps most useful is the Destiny Unremarkable Bones leg armor, which can upgrade double jump with an additional jumpis this going to be a game changer we wonder?

Click the link to Reddit to zoom into the image for a closer look at the abilities. Let us know what you think of all the new gear coming to Destiny with the House of Wolves DLC.

Which one stands out for you the most?



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