2K servers down with status update on Facebook

By Alan Ng - Jan 13, 2015

It looks like 2K are having some big problems at the moment with some of their game services taking a hit. At the moment, we can see that NBA 2K15 servers are down today in the US and UK – as it looks like 2K’s server status as a whole is offline at the time of writing.

We’ve just tested NBA 2K15 on PS4 and we can see that the servers are unavailable. Judging by reaction on Twitter, it also looks like NBA 2K15 on Xbox One is down as well.

The strange thing is though, is that there has been no status update regarding the latest outage for 2K servers from the 2K Support Twitter page. We see that they have talked about NBA 2K15 problems on January 8, but nothing about 2K servers down on January 13 which is odd.

Below are some of the messages that affected users have been leaving on Facebook about the 2K outage today:


While we have only just noticed the problems recently, we can see that other users have reported 2K servers being down for hours without a fix, which is worrying if true.

Hopefully the 2K Support page will offer an update in the coming hours, with news of when 2K servers will be back up on PS4, Xbox One and other platforms.

For now, give us your status at the moment. Can you play NBA 2K15 or any other 2K game online right now, or are you having big problems with the 2K log-in down?

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  • Andrsw

    Dude its freaking May and I cant connect to the servers without getting very lucky and trying to connect and restart constantly

  • codie

    I still can’t get on

  • JayGee

    havnt been able to connect to nba 2k15 for 3 weeks this is f***ing ridiculous..

  • 2KCANsmd


  • 2KCANsmd


    • Deniro

      WTF going y’all some bitches slacking ass mufuckas

  • Lanks

    i uninstalled and re installed on xbox one, this solved the problem until i left the game then i couldnt connect again.

  • Mark

    What’s wrong with 2k man, goes down all the time it seems now. We spend good money on a game that doesn’t work half the time? Where’s the compensation, some free VC would be nice

    • 2KCANsmd

      When are servers coming back up?

  • Justin

    I don’t need a girl. 2K goes down on me all the time

    • AYjellies

      Permission to use this

      • j ryan

        Go ahead it’s a good one

  • Marquis

    I want at least free vc and I’m thinking about 20,000 vc

  • Brian R.

    Ever since the patch 3 update 2k has been horrible.

  • jewbacca

    Down in fla. I love the game… Hate the service. Hope we get compensated with at least 10000vc

  • j ryan

    Nobody buy 2k16 they’ll have to get better servers

  • Oscar

    Back up in FL

  • j ryan

    Nba live for me in 2016

  • guy53677


  • Nick

    I am done with 2k I will not buy another game from them ever.

  • guy53677

    It worked for a second and went right back out

  • Andre

    We Should get free Vc and shoes

  • Andrew

    Time to switch back to NBA Live. No seriously. It may be shitty, but at least it works

  • Andre

    I will not be buying NBA 2k16

  • Slizchompa

    2k is horrible. No clean movement in online games, horrible wait times, not to mention what this page is about – servers going down constantly. Horrible.

  • london allen

    My Nba2k15 has been having serious lag issues the past couple days and as everyone else my psn is signed in and im online but 2k15 will not connect at all. Its almost frustrating to know that you pay for a game and its down to often starting to become a headache….

  • Rausy

    Same my friend playing and not me damn where is the love 2k ? No free kicks or nothing

  • Marvolo

    Make sure the lag is fix when you bring it back up…and let me be able to access My Player Closet….shit is ridiculous! !!!!

  • Rausy

    My nba 2k won’t let ya boy on iv been waiting all day just got off work wtf …….bull !

  • Marvolo

    Online play’s been acting weird before it went down…explains a lot.

  • Eric Tate

    My 2k want let me connect ugh

  • guy

    Still down in Minneapolis. Wouldn’t be a big deal if they would get rid of VC. Won’t be buying this game next year. This has been happening for 2 many years in a row now.

  • kcwebb219

    Try to enjoy a couple games after working all day and cant…frustrating to say the least

  • PC is down as well. Kind of annoyed cause I just got some VC to spend.

  • thelastjedi2

    But real pissed that they get our money and we receive no type of compensation. We should get VC coins or something

  • thelastjedi2

    Still can’t play!!! On the ps4 or Xbox but its cool because the crew is a kick ass game

  • JBrown

    Xbox 1 is down for me but my friend is playing. He was probably on before they went “down.”

    • Lanks

      try joining your friends game, i heard that can solve the server issue. Also, i just uninstalled and re installed the game and that solved it aswell. untill i left the game then i couldnt access the servers again

      • JBrown

        It was an update. They have the worst updating mechanics and times. My Team update