Mortal Kombat X DLC character dreams for Predator Vs Jason

By Alan Ng - Jan 12, 2015

We can’t wait until the Mortal Kombat X release date is finally upon us. With the game due out in April, we should start to see a regular influx of MKX news from Ed Boon and the rest of the team at NetherRealm Studios.

Ed Boon however never passes up an opportunity to tease fans on Twitter should the opportunity arise. We still have no hint whatsoever on potential Mortal Kombat X guest DLC characters who will be joining the game, but fans have had their say recently on who they want to see.

How would you like to pick up Mortal Kombat X and play as both Predator and Jason Vorhees? Both characters were heavily rumored for Mortal Kombat 9 after the official reveal of Freddy Krueger.


For whatever reason, it didn’t happen but imagine how amazing it would be if Warner Bros has managed to secure both characters as Mortal Kombat X DLC?

It would actually tie-in very nicely with other recent news we shared about an official Friday the 13th game that will release in October – is this the year when Jason will make a triumphant return in various video games?

Ed Boon himself has told a fan that it would be ‘interesting’ to see both Predator and Jason in Mortal Kombat X. Obviously, this is by no means a confirmation, but it is a fantastic tease and something for you to think about.

What guest characters for Mortal Kombat X would you love to see? Help NetherRealm out by giving your best suggestions below.

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  • Ranssel lopez

    Lol the chacter look like on styreode type but not jason.

  • frabn

    I love the fact that people are using this comments section to ask Ed Boon for characters. This is a random comments thread on a click-bait webnews site. I doubt Ed looked at it beyond just copying the link to put in his twitter feed.

    Oh, and you realize he was mocking the fact that people take crap like this and run with it, right? That’s the sole reason why the graphic above exists and was put on his twitter…he’s making fun of all the idiocy that comes from people who think like this.

  • LayUmLow

    I would like to see SPAWN, PREDATOR, ANNABELLE, JASON, CHUCKY, ZOMBIE LUI KANG, JACK THE RIPPER and if possible in the near future can there be a MK VS DBZ?

  • Stephanus van den Berg

    So all weird characters aside. But I think if I could name characters it would be ALEX MERCER FROM PROTOTYPE, ALMA FROM FEAR, Predator, spawn VENOM from spiders – man.

  • Sub Zero

    I’d like to see Spawn as a dlc charcter

    • Ranssel lopez


  • David Sillasen

    Chucky from the child’s play movies

  • Jack Raiden

    I want JACK RAIDEN 100% and Jason Vorhees and Predator.

  • Hunter Harris

    Ash from The Evil Dead

  • Jon Ade

    Naruto Uzumaki
    Sasuke Uchiha
    Ichigo Kurosaki
    Gon Freeces
    Allen Walker
    Trafalgar Law
    Tsuna Sawada
    Sebastian Michaelis
    Rin Okumura
    Natsu Dragneel
    Lucy Heartfilia
    Maka & Soul
    Edward Elric

    Samurai Jack
    Robot Chicken
    Black Dynamite

    Comic Books
    Black Widow
    Iron Man
    Captain America
    Ninja Turtles

    Video Games
    Dante from Dmc Devil May Cry
    Lara Croft
    Raiden from Medal Gear Rising
    Aiden Pearce
    Issac Clarke
    Dracula from Castlevania

    Tv Shows
    Rick Grimes
    A from Pretty Little Liars

    Barney Ross
    Frank Martin
    James Bond
    Luke Hobbs
    Jack Torrance
    John Spartan
    James Dalton from Roadhouse
    Moorehouse from Tales From The Hood
    Alien from The Watch

  • Stann Tantan

    I want predator to be in 100%

  • Lewis Murdock

    Being creative and able to think outside the original game is the only thing that will keep you relevant in today’s game world

  • Lewis Murdock

    Boon please don’t listen to some of these guy’s! Give us as many DLC characters as you can.! If they don’t like it don’t buy them or play with them! It’s millions who love the way you’ve expanded MK to fit people’s favorite Villain or Warrior into the game and it’s Millions who love you for it, just look at how many purchased the DLC in MK 9 an would happily purchase those exact same characters an more in this new X!

  • Richard

    Jack Cayman from Madworld on the Wii would be a perfect fit but also in terms of violence and the fact that Injustice is made by the same company, Darkseid

  • TheSneakyLizard

    Predator is never gonna be in Mortal Kombat X because Fox has the rights to the character.

  • frabn

    Ed cannot say anything on twitter without people taking it completely our of context and running with it. Someone tweeted this image to him and now everyone thinks this is confirmation of Predator and Jason being in the game. It means nothing.

  • Kombatant

    Sweet tooth

  • bullrbt8628

    Like I have said Boon always will have kick ass Characters for us to play as, Predator and Jason X would be awesome. But Riddick and Spawn would be even better. Would even fit to the story better. RIddick has necromaner powers but hates them.
    Quan Chi is a necromancer. Could give Riddick a pitch black fatality. Were you see riddick finish his opponate through the eyes of Riddick and turns Raiden down at first cause he is a bit of a loner. Spawn could tie into the story as scorpions brother. Since he is the Spawn of Hell and has chains like Scorpion but he switches from the dark side to help Raiden save Earth. Man that would be awesome. Spawn could even be the one that tortured freddy in hell.

    • frabn

      No. Guest characters do not “fit into the story” ever. Not Predator, Riddick, Jason, Freddy, Michael Meyers, Dr. Evil, Ash(Evil Dead), the Alien, Ripley, Deadpool, Slither, Rick Grimes, Spawn, Venom, Morbius, Godzilla, Peter Pan, Donnie Darko, Captain Hook, Indiana Jones, Sweet Tooth, Axel, Minion, Will Smith, Galactus, Leonidas, or any of the other ridiculous ideas people come up with…NONE. They do not “fit in” to the story, Mortal Kombat consists of a story revolving around the originally created characters of Mortal Kombat. These other characters are pointless marketing fluff, and do not belong in the game.

      Guest characters are a waste of space.

      • FRESH

        Thank you. It would quite dumb if Jason made it but not someone who people actually want in the game..

      • Lewis Murdock

        I disagree, any new character belongs in the game how the hell do you think it grew from the few characters that appeared in the very first MK? Now we’re on bout the 10th one and even though the Freddys an God of War are very popular they’re still just new characters to the game who tied in.nicely an who Millions would love to see come back in this upcoming new MK with new characters as well! If you don’t like it play the old ones where it had the few original characters

        • frabn

          Do you know the difference between a guest character and a Mortal Kombat character, or are you just THAT stupid?

          Kratos and Freddy were not Mortal Kombat characters. They were GUEST characters that did not factor into the story. NEW characters are not “GUEST” characters…they are simply new characters. GUEST characters are out-of-place and unwanted characters usually coming from another source, such as movies, comic books, cartoons or other video games, that serve no purpose other than just being there, taking up space.

          Hence, I was not talking about NEW characters, like D’Vorah, Kotal Kahn, Cassie Cage and Ferra Tor. Learn to read, kid.

      • richie

        Your an idiot

        • frabn


          The irony there is too funny to ignore.

      • franklin

        Lol wow man u don’t know what’s happening in the game first off..its set 25 years after in the futureish look it up man! Predator, yea I guess spawn, and riddick could fit in like a glove. Your a waste of space!

        • frabn


          I know more about what’s happening in the game than you do. The fact that it’s 25 years in the future has nothing to do with what guest characters may fit into it. Guest characters, as in characters that are NOT PART OF THE MORTAL KOMBAT MYTHOS, just don’t belong in Mortal Kombat. Simple as that. Sorry if you’re too inept to understand it.

          And if you really need to go with “Its 25 years in the future so anything is possible” nonsense…Predator could be anywhere from 1700 to 2325. Spawn is eternal. The Riddick series is set about 200 years in the future. If Mortal Kombat is set within modern times (which it is), then 25 years wouldn’t give it enough time to cover Riddick. Sorry to shoot holes in your barrel, little boy.

  • 2ThaBatmobile

    Heck no on Buffy! I vote for either Predator or Spawn!!

    • Jack

      Ray Rice

    • ExoticAbuse

      Spawn is already a usable character in SoulCaliber II HD, they need something original. Warner Bros probably can get the licensing easy for Buffy since it was on their network. Predator is a good idea since of their many skills and weapons. The issue Predator is it’s owned by Fox.

  • ExoticAbuse

    Buffy The Vampire Slayer is still huge and licensing shouldn’t be that hard. She could have 3 variations EASY due to the number of skills and weapons she has: Crossbows, swords, Slayer Scythe, knives, stakes, daggers and more plus she is a highly trained martial artist. The story element is easy, Buffy has the power to sense demons, she could have well found Scorpion and/or Noob and fought and chased them to the Netherealm.

  • Paolo Ferrante


  • ermonski

    Eric Cartman

  • qwerty

    Where’s that video you promised us tho…

  • ExoticAbuse

    Buffy Summers from Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

  • Hamros


  • resh_aykut

    My vote is Nariko from heavenly sword

  • Ricky

    Jeepers “K”reepers ~.