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Friday the 13th game developer mystery

We have some fantastic news for fans of horror games now. It has recently been confirmed that a Friday the 13th game is on the way this year, meaning that Jason Vorhees is going to make a return to console gaming for the first time since 1989.

That is pretty staggering to think about the fact that we haven’t had an official Jason game since 1989. There were big rumors suggesting that Jason could have been a Mortal Kombat 9 DLC character after Freddy Krueger, but now it’s great to hear that there is going to be a standalone game.

Details are very slim at the moment, in actual fact so slim that there has not been a Friday the 13th game developer announcement yet – as it’s being kept secret.


Thanks to some details shared by EGM Now, we can you however that Friday the 13th will be an asymmetrical, co-operative multiplayer game.

Game features will include a group of players being divided between survivors and a single-player taking on the role of Jason. We also know that the Friday the 13th game release date has been scheduled for October 2015, but no other details are known.

Hopefully we will get more information on the game for you soon, including who will be developing it. It sounds promising though and more horror games are always good in our opinion to offer balance compared to the barrage of shooters that are available at the moment.

What is your reaction to this – more importantly, which developer and studio would you love to see behind this game? Give us your predictions below!



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