FIFA 15 World XI TOTY start time in GMT, PST and EST

By Alan Ng - Jan 12, 2015

Attention all FIFA 15 players now, as most of you will probably want to know when the FIFPro World XI TOTY start time for UK and US will be.

You’ll be pleased to hear that we now have the information for you, as well as information on how you should be able to watch a FIFA World XI event live stream as well so you can see the reveal live.

This event is tied-in to FIFA 15 of course, as just moments on from the event EA will announce their FIFA TOTY squad as well – then unleash the first batch of FIFA 15 TOTY defenders and the goalkeeper into FIFA 15 Ultimate Team packs.


Without further do, FIFA has confirmed that the Ballon D’Or start time for the team of the year announcement will start around 18.35pm CET, that’s Central European Time for those that don’t know.

So that means, the World XI reveal time for UK will be 5.35pm, as GMT is one hour behind Central European Time. For our readers over in the US who are also eager to find out the team for FIFA 15 purposes, the reveal will be at 9.35am Pacific Time and 12.35pm Eastern Time.

After the announcement is made by FIFA, then it is business time for EA as it means that FIFA 15 TOTY packs for Defenders and Goalkeepers will be going live soon.

If you live outside of the US, you may be able to watch a live stream here as well over on YouTube. We can see that it is currently counting down to the event as we speak so you should bookmark that.

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  • moco

    when are toty going to be released?

  • RABY

    10PM i think and then the BIIIGGG HITTERS come out to play…HITSVILLE

  • ricardo

    toty in US? ios?

  • Glen Wilkinson

    I think it was said first round of toty will be in market for 45hrs and the second two rounds 48hrs as they sif are usually released at 6pm uk time I reckon it will be 9pm hopefully any ways good luck everyone buy buy buy

  • edd

    its surpose tobe 2 hours later after the release of the 15k and 25k packs uk time 10 o clock they should be ther 100 k packs

  • DaBoss


  • Richard Bentley

    6 times i’ve been kicked off ultimate team it keeps crashing whats going on ?

  • sjct

    When is it coming I spend 3500 points on rare pack and not even a good player.

  • james

    i am done with ea

  • james

    where are they !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Max


  • release the toty ffs


  • Bob

    R they???

  • LizardSquad

    lizardsquad strike back

  • Bob

    In five minutes

  • J


  • Bob

    They are only 15k and 25k packs??!!!

  • james

    where are they

  • Hiya

    when are the team of the year coming out! its gone 8 !


    where is toty!

  • It has been asked before but no answers, so i will ask again, please tell me and Jack what is Toty

    • hiya

      team of the year

    • banter

      They chose the players who have performed the best in the year and they give them special blue cards, with upgraded stats

  • jack

    where the flip is toty

  • hiiiii

    when are the toty defenders out (what time)

  • Henry garner

    Where are my Toty defenders what time do they come out

  • Same


  • Ayman Khan

    wen are da 100k paks gona come out

  • elliot

    I have been told that they will be out at 8pm

  • elliot

    I live in the uk when does the toty packs come out?

  • terrians

    don’t know better hurry up

  • Mat

    when is it out?

    • ricardo

      toty in US?