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Windows 10 browser overhaul with Spartan

Windows 10 will bring a host of new features to make it a more complete operating system, and one area getting a major overhaul is its browser. The new browser comes with the codename Spartan and has one clear aim, and that is to give rival browsers a run for their money.

The new Windows 10 browser features cannot be found on rival ones and is to include the integration of the Cortana digital assistant. This will allow you to open a new browser when you ask Cortana something, this can be anything from a website to your flight itinerary.

Windows 10 browser search overhaul

Users will also be able to annotate a web page with the use of a stylus: you will then be able to send notes across to a friend or colleague. These are not the only new features, as The Verge has learned that Microsoft will group tabs together in order to make the browser less cluttered.

We are told that Spartan will look very similar to Chrome and will stick with the same theme across all platforms, which are phones, tablets and the PC. This means we can expect a simplified look and feel, much like what we get with iOS 8.

Remember, Spartan will not be its final name because this is its codename. With that being said, what do you think Microsoft will finally call it once released to the public?



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