Clash of Clans GoWiPe strategy for TH8 and TH10

- Jan 9, 2015

The latest Clash of Clans tutorial being promoted on the official Twitter account looks at GoWiPe strategy for TH8 and TH10. The video detailing exactly what to do has been featured below, although this particular Clash of Clans strategy is ideal for farmers.

If you are a farmer in Clash of Clans, then some of you might not be particularly skilled at GoWiPe and continue to learn each day while playing. You can save time using experience with a little wisdom, especially if you take a look at Clash of Clans Clan War gameplay to improve your strategy.


This video featured below might not be from the best Clash of Clans player, as such you could even improve on their GoWiPe strategy for Town Hall 8 and 10. The aim is to not only help newbies, but also help viewers with the occasional Clan Cup push as well.

The description explained, this GoWiPe tutorial includes “Golems, Barbarians, Archers, Wall Breakers, Wizards, Witches and Heroes”. We have already seen a few players mention better ways for GoWiPe strategy, although we’d love to hear from Product Reviews readers with any tips for Clash of Clans strategy within this situation.

How would you improve on the TH8 and 10 Clash of Clans GoWiPe strategy show below?

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