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Trivia Crack answers on Android, iPhone for cheats

Have you tried Trivia Crack yet? The amazing trivia app has been available for a good number of months now and is slowly cementing its place as the number one quiz app on Android and iOS at the moment.

While Trivia Crack is available ad-free for a one-off fee, mobile users have been very pleased to see that a Trivia Crack free app on Android and iPhone is available too.

However, we can also see that the temptation is getting the better of a lot of you also, with many of you currently searching for all Trivia Crack answers on iPhone and Android.

It looks like there are other Trivia Crack cheats out there too who want to find the answers to some of the questions that you simply cannot solve yourself.


One website in particular is offering answers to Trivia Crack, even going as far to offer a search bar for users to type Trivia Crack questions in themselves so that they can always find an answer.

It goes without saying though that this defeats the objective. At the same time some of the questions can be so hard that you simply can’t sleep at night unless you find out the answer to.

We’ve also seen a lot of you pulling your hair out on Twitter due to this app, so it all adds to the experience of any good trivia game in a way.

Have you resorted to looking at Trivia Crack answers out of sheer desperation? Let us know your experiences of this app below – on the whole, is it the best trivia app out there at the moment?



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