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New Nabi tablet range for 2015 suffers identity crisis

Fuhu has already gone big with its range of Nabi tablets, but they decided to go even bigger during CES yesterday. The new big Nabi tablet range for 2015 seems to be suffering from an identity crisis because they do not know if they want to be a touchscreen tablet or a Smart TV.

The problem – There are a total of three new Nabi models, which come in 42-inch, 55-inch and 65-inch models and so not exactly what you would call a conventional tablet. We are told that these are to be used in the living room or kitchen because it comes with interactive Smart TV features.

New Nabi tablet range for 2015

Fuhu says these new models will offer a better interactive experience and will be able to connect with home appliances, hence why they will market it heavily for use in the kitchen.

It is all very well having such a device in the home, but if it is used for both children to interact, or people to use it in the kitchen or to watch Netflix in the living room, then there lies the problem. Having something that has so many uses, especially as it will be touchscreen means you have the constant issue of dirty fingerprints.

Not only that, if it is used in public places or even schools, then just think about the amount of germs that will be spread, meaning a need for more hand sanitizer.



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