Xur chase for Jan 9 to 11

By Alan Ng - Apr 15, 2015

Last week Xur made a lot of Destiny players happy by offering the Dragon’s Breath exotic Rocket Launcher, as it meant that most Dark Below players had a way of getting the rare weapon other than on Nightfall.

Now, we are preparing for another appearance with the Destiny Xur location on January 9 to 11. The Agent of the Nine spawn location this week will change once again and hopefully he will be generous again by offering something rewarding to those that have been patient with strange coin spending.

As always, the Xur location time in GMT, PST and EST will be the same as every week. That means Xur will show up at 9am on Friday morning UK time, 1am in the morning Pacific Time and very early in the morning at 4am for everyone else on Eastern Time.


We know for a fact that if Xur turns up with either Gjallarhorn or the infamous Ice Breaker, nobody will care about losing a few hours sleep since they are still among the best weapons in Destiny to date.

Of course, players are also expecting Bungie to release information on when the Crota’s End Hard mode release date will be, as the majority of Dark Below owners are patiently waiting to get their hands on the Necrochasm.

For now though, it is all about the upcoming Xur location this week. Let us know where you think he will be and your own personal prayers on what Xur should sell.

Have you given up hope of the Icebreaker ever returning? We recall Xur has sold it once since launch and that is it.

UPDATE: Xur is back and he is selling the Last Word Hand Cannon this week. Find out his exact location here.

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  • John

    Yes he has The Last Word! Finally!

    • FuckJohn

      kill urself m9

  • be

    found him , lucky raspberry, g horn exotic shard, monte carlo.

  • smjth93

    He was pretty easy to find. Go just past the janitor robot thing in the tower hangar and he’s on your right. And now I see a giant purple floating ball that i can kick around. That’s new….i think.

    • brookes180

      im afraid its not new pal you find them dotted about the tower by bounty man gunsmith cryptarch etc there is also a small football that usualy spawns by the boxes under the steps leading to the fan buttons

      • smjth93

        Well it’s the first time I’ve noticed it and I found it by the map guy as soon as I landed at the tower. It’s whatever though cause it doesn’t add any value to the game for me.

  • Guest

    I read on a couple other sites that he won’t be spawning until 9AM PST. Wtf? Anyone found him?

  • trigga

    The last word for sale

    • GORE

      Where is he??

      • mrmoomba

        hes in the hangar

  • Kris

    There’s so many of us just looking for him, I swear I’ve done like 3 laps

    • mrmoomba

      hes in the hangar..nothing but garbage!!

  • NgTurbo

    Here we go, let the mad chicken race begin..

  • storm443

    He’ll probably sell the Patience and Time or the Plan C again. -__-

    • andrew

      Plan c not that bad….

      • NgTurbo

        Unless it’s two weeks in a row!

    • smjth93

      Yup he’s selling Plan C

  • storm443

    I hope he doesn’t sell the Last Word, Ice Breaker, and especially the Gjallarhorn. You have to work to earn it.

    • John

      Well I had to work my butt off to get the strange coins to buy them. I’ve seen Gjallarhorn awarded randomly in Crucible. So I did just as much work acquiring strange coins to purchase it as someone who got it from a random loot drop.

  • Luke

    Sell last word please !!!

  • clay

    I have three ice breakers I think I’m ok with not having them being available I dismantled one to make the the one I’m using now fully upgraded and it is so freaking aweaome

  • birdie

    Suros regime or icebreaker please

    • clayton martinez

      Dude I have three ice breakers

      • donna

        Dude I have 3 thorns

        • andrew

          I keep 5 just to tease my friends. Got 2 at once. Glitchy drop

  • AnonymousDestinyPro

    He’s either going to be near the vanguards/crucible or near the area with the speaker. Gl

  • Jarrod Bowen

    Gjallahorn and Mythoclast for the love of Christ and everything holy! Please, you ugly fulking Yoda wanabe!

    • Just.A.Kid

      Mythoclast cant be sold by xur since its a vog raid exotic , therefore you will need to play hard vog to get with just a luck of chance .

  • GabrielOrsi

    Ahmmm.. Fire Breath is not a sniper rifle.

  • Bramsy


  • Daniel

    I hope he sells the suros regime

    • D.j. Hostetler

      me too I never got that gun the first time so I hope he sells it tomorrow please please agent of 9 cells suros regime


    Any gear that’ll help me lvl up to 30+ because most 360 destiny owner don’t stick around long enough to complete one or they only complete with their friends?

  • Midnight haze

    Ice breaker ๐Ÿ‘

  • Hansomesolo

    We must use reverse sycology Xรปr NONE OF US WANT ANY GJALLAHORNS

  • Cody Clark

    Ice Breaker! !!!!!

  • Lonewlf

    Hope he has a exotic hunter helm ๐Ÿ™

    • ghorn33568721


    • andrew

      Hes had the same one up there almost every week for like over a month. I need chest piece and i can be 32 in a day

  • Jay

    Uh the dragons breath is a rocket launcher?

    • the batman

      Yea haha one of the best in the game

    • Rio

      No, in the realm of this article, it’s a sniper rifle. :p
      Imagine a no scope match in the crucible with that bad boy! xD

      • NgTurbo

        That would be something, wouldn’t it! Apologies, for the typo.. simple mistake. Fixed now. Nice to see a good sense of humor, makes a change! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Kuntakenta

    This was a great article. I rolled in the dark below with my warthog, jumped out and took out some baddies with my Dragon’s Breath “Sinper” rifle per Reaper 1109 and then got to the boss and called my Titan and got in it and took him out in no time.

  • Justice Thomas

    You need to research more bro. G-Horn was sold before by Xur, and Dragons Breath is a launcher.

  • Andrew Caccamise

    Ok, so lots of problems with this article. Gjallarhorn was sold the 2nd week of live, Hard Light seems to be the only exotic not sold yet (of the non exclusive weapons list) His inventory is random and thus nothing is set on rotation. And for the love of god, Dragons Breath is a rocket launcher NOT a sniper rifle…

    • JD

      And nightfall is different from raids

  • Guest

    Dragons Breath is a rocket launcher, not a sniper rifle. Please edit.

  • One_eyed_dilly

    Bro… Do you even destiny??

  • Stabbingfaces

    Why would anybody lose sleep, does xur have limited quantities these days. He’s there all weekend, instead if losing sleep I could just see him when I wake up…

  • Reaper1109

    First of all there is no such thing as a sniper rifle. Theres a Sinper’s rifle cause a sniper owns it but a sniper is a person with a skill set

    • j

      Wouldn’t that be a rifle made for a sniper ?

      • Reaper1109

        No it wouldnt bud cause any rifle can be used for sniping basically so there is no set sniper rifle like the MSR it doesn’t stand for modern sniper rifle it stands for modular sporting rifle or modern sporting rifle its like calling and AR15 and an assualt rifle thats not what ar stands for it stands for Armalite Rifle.

        • Reaper1109

          Long Range Percision Rifle would be the actual term.

          From a Veteran who is a sniper and served in Afghanistan

        • Cody Clark

          Your awesome and thank you for the service you’ve provided!

    • Tylor42

      Dude no matter how many times you say its not a sniper rifle, people are still going to call it that so just stop trying to start an argument cause all you’re doing is wasting your time.

  • Typical Troll

    Thanks for filling up the page with a whole lot of innacurate nothing. Maybe next time you can choose an author who actually knows the game.

    P.S. I hope Xur sells me the Dragon’s Breath sniper! ๐Ÿ˜

  • J

    laughed too hard at the way this is written

  • martin daniel

    Fake really fake

  • Steven

    Wow. You’re a horrible reporter.

  • kenny degraff

    Wow stick to writing about the games you actually play…….

  • NightBlazer

    Damn bro do you even own a copy of the game or did some intern give you this information. Exotic sniper, nightfall raid, bruh stick to what you know best

  • Ben

    Alo – just to point out – Dragons Breath is an exotic rocket launcher not a sniper rifle. Also there is no such thing as a Nightfall raid. (not yet anyway)

    I stopped reading after the first paragraph due to the apparent lack of checks on this article. And the fact that this isn’t really news. This is just an awesome time killer when i’m supposed to be at work ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Ben

      18 hours later and the article is still the same – lol