Xur chase for Jan 9 to 11

Last week Xur made a lot of Destiny players happy by offering the Dragon’s Breath exotic Rocket Launcher, as it meant that most Dark Below players had a way of getting the rare weapon other than on Nightfall.

Now, we are preparing for another appearance with the Destiny Xur location on January 9 to 11. The Agent of the Nine spawn location this week will change once again and hopefully he will be generous again by offering something rewarding to those that have been patient with strange coin spending.

As always, the Xur location time in GMT, PST and EST will be the same as every week. That means Xur will show up at 9am on Friday morning UK time, 1am in the morning Pacific Time and very early in the morning at 4am for everyone else on Eastern Time.


We know for a fact that if Xur turns up with either Gjallarhorn or the infamous Ice Breaker, nobody will care about losing a few hours sleep since they are still among the best weapons in Destiny to date.

Of course, players are also expecting Bungie to release information on when the Crota’s End Hard mode release date will be, as the majority of Dark Below owners are patiently waiting to get their hands on the Necrochasm.

For now though, it is all about the upcoming Xur location this week. Let us know where you think he will be and your own personal prayers on what Xur should sell.

Have you given up hope of the Icebreaker ever returning? We recall Xur has sold it once since launch and that is it.

UPDATE: Xur is back and he is selling the Last Word Hand Cannon this week. Find out his exact location here.



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