Clash of Clans January update with Town Hall 11

By Alan Ng - Apr 20, 2015

Now that the Christmas festivities are out of the way, developers Supercell will be back to work now and focusing on the highly anticipated Clash of Clans January 2015 update.

The big question is though, what are they planning to add to the game next and more importantly – what could Supercell add to the game to make it even better than it is now?

At the moment, there is a 1 gem boost that is currently active in the game, but it will be soon coming to an end with a Clash of Clans maintenance break on Wednesday January 7 – as confirmed by the latest Tweet from the developer below.


After that though, we should be seeing the next Clash of Clans update very soon. If we were to think of the most requested feature to add, it would probably be a Clash of Clans Town Hall 11 update.

Everyone has been waiting for this to happen and what better way for Supercell to deliver something really exciting with a Town Hall 11 Clash of Clans release in celebration of a new year.

Potential aspects of this feature could include more walls to the map between 25-50, more hero levels to each character but even better, a brand new hero introduced with Town Hall 11 which would be fantastic.

We’ve added a great video below which showcases some of the best ideas for Supercell to consider, in preparation for the inevitable Town Hall 11 update for the game.

Take a look and let us know what you would personally love to see with the Clash of Clans January 2015 update features. Are you still addicted to the game and play daily, or are you starting to get a little bored?

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  • squiddiuqs

    A hole in the ground trap would be cool, for catching troops to use for defense later

  • Sanjay Thilak

    In next dark troop….,character like Pegasus(flying horsr) or flying robot that hits with electric powers like teslas will be nice.

  • Sanjay Thilak

    It will be nice that to use 2 or more builders for a single building upgrade, that it will less our update time from over 8 to 10 days to 3 to 4 days..Please make this in next update of coc. I LOVE PLAYING THIS GAME ,and i’ve nearly 3 accounts in it..

  • Callum Wright

    Instead of just gemming somthing to instantly finish it you should be able to use gems too take an hour of time and 1 day and stuff like that instead of just finish because not everyone has all them gems but also want it faster.

  • burhan

    i will like in new update that inferno level 4 must be there ithen it will be nice for new update

  • Jayboy Ortiz

    I want some building that you make troops and try your defence using your troops to see how strong the defence of your village ..


    there should be a new hero as most of the people suggested below in my thoughts it should be valkari queen or you know just Valkyrie you guys will have better names just do it and i’d also say th11 with some new traps and some troops improvement nor like those dum giants who r being attacked by clan castle troops and and busy destroying buildings they should also kill troops as well on the way it will bring up the to the next level and i love clash of clan can’t stay a day without it i allmost died with out coc 1 day with no internet access and just release the new update asap i’m growling for new troops

  • Sibusiso Dlamini

    i think u guyz should add donating loot

  • gamer400

    i would want barracks level 11 with a new troop

  • BabyGaming

    i want supercell to add a witch towe

    • Kooshka

      I want trap, like Hall in the ground, with 10 housing space and upgrade to get more space for trapped troops

  • coclover

    Want supercell to add gem mines please

    • Lane

      I think a gem mine would be great considering the fact that its hard to get gems without spending money

  • Septxc

    New Hero – Wizard Lord

  • Septxc

    we should be able to boost are lab too! for 10gems for 2 hours

  • Septxc

    i wish there do a update that lets your clan castle only have troops your level

  • y.j.kumar

    a new defence like x bow but which split water on troops which give small damage.but when tesla give shoch which gives more damage to the troops

  • y.j.kumar

    it should target walls in a straight line

  • y.j.kumar

    i think its better to release new troop which can break walls like rhino, or some king of beast which onlt break the multiple walls with 500 hitpoints and 800 damage on walls

  • arshyaan

    i think a new dark fairy should be included which rages the troops just like the healer

  • Willy

    Would also like a forency exchage hut. Some way to convert elixer to gold or gold to elixer at a 2/1 or 3/1 exchange cost. Maybe even let you buy DE at a very high exchange rate 1,000/1 or something.

  • Willy

    How about if your defense wins you get a loot bonus. Also buying walls with elixer needs to come back. An army camp just for troops you plan on donating so they don’t interfere with you’re normal farming troops.

  • Serdar

    what about some bonus stats (deffense / attack / loot / troop production & sppeed cost) depending on the amount of your clan victories …

  • Milan Rana

    in new update i want they to reduce the gold every time you skip for attack… that would be really good. or either they can make that you can skip with gold and elixer…. ps out hoping to see that


    I would like to see troops that are donated to war castles added into your troops donated account. Also be able to have separate labs to upgrade troops, dark troops, and spells, instead of just one lab for upgrades.

    • Clashing4life

      good thinking..or instead of separate labs, In the same lab we can upgrade two things At the same time.

  • Trish Lynn-marie

    We should be able to boost our builders like we can for resources. Double their speed instead of simply having to buy it out completely. Bring back the troop boost pause button, that was amazing! Even if you can only pause it two or three times it would be an awesome upgrade!!!

  • Trish Lynn-marie

    They need to add a new hero, maybe a goblin king, a worlock warrior or a wicked witch 🙂 also gem boxes or trees could definately be added. Lowering the amount of gems it costs to boost black elixer. New acheivements and new bases to the goblin map would be very helpful . Thanks Supercell for your considerations!

  • Amner

    We need when we win war each star the clan gets the clan gets war gems and bouns if they win

    • Sibusiso Dlamini

      but what if your clan didn’t get enough gems it think with every successful attack should get a few gems or

  • Amner

    We need multiple builder to work on building and Dobble or triple the speed and more gems

    • Kooshka

      I would like to be able to borrow a builder from friend

  • Franklin

    Does anyone know how much time is left for coc update?

  • Mr.great idea

    They should have a new hero that the hit point is 40,000 and it’s health is 100,000 hits and when it rages it goes from 40,000 to 300,000 that would be so awesome

    • You’re dumb

      You’re kidding right? That would be damn near impossible to kill. Even if it’s damage was like 20 damage per second, it could still destroy the entire base before the defense could kill it. Time would be the main factor though. Also, I believe you meant “damage is 40,000 and health is 100,000” or perhaps vice versa. “hit points” and “health” are the same thing.

  • Joseph

    Another troop idea that would be awesome, would be a troop that only targets the Townhall. Then once (if) it is able to take down the Townhall, it explodes doing a small amount of damage to all enemy items around. Something along the lines of that.

  • Joseph

    I personally think they should add a robot troop that attacks multiple things at once just like the inferno tower does when its set to attack multiple troops at once! That would be awesome!

  • Franklin

    A goblin prince will be amazing! I realy hope that this update takes mucht longer becose a soon as they told me a was just so inpaciont and happy so I realy can’t wait that mucht longer

  • Franklin

    I am super stoked about this becose th 11 will be so amazing supercell has been so working on this and so I’m super thank full for all this support

  • mikye

    This is a list of what I think should be added: starting with something to merge troops together. Something that convert resources into gems. New heroes. Barracks level 11. A second dark elixir storage. A rage troop kind like the healer but rages them. Warlock. Family clan status. Ability to upgrade builder for faster upgrade or more housing builder space.mercenary troops . And best for last Something that merges all the villages in the clan and make them into an empire

    • Clive W. -SC

      I’m going to respond to these as if they were numbered, just to make it a little easier.
      1) What would be the point of merging troops together? Can you elaborate on this a little, please?
      2) Converting resources into gems has been discussed before, but the conversion cost that was discussed would be too high. It’s still on the table though.
      3) New heroes are also being discussed. Supercell gets a lot of feedback and requests for new troops and heroes.
      3) Barracks 11 is on the table. However, finishing the dark barracks is a more pressing matter currently.
      4) An additional dark elixir storage at this point is not necessary, even for the highest ranked players. It has been looked at, though.
      5) A rage troop would be too overpowered. Coupled with the healer, a land based rage troop and the healer are able to mow down troops. This was tested not long ago and it was removed as an idea.
      6) Is the Warlock the rage troop you were talking about, or another idea?
      7) Family Clan status at this point is just recognized within your clan’s description. It’s in the works, though.
      8) This is yet another idea that is on the table and is being looked at. Right now the leading idea is the ability to boost builders with gems in 2 or 4 hour intervals.
      9) Mercenary troops would be interesting! Right now, new troop types are not needed until, as mentioned before, the dark barracks is finished.
      10) The idea of an empire is very interesting. The ability for it to be abused would be too great. What would stop someone from coming onto your part of the empire and messing with it? That idea may have to be tinkered around with to figure out how to best use it, or if it would be feasible at all.

      • PVP

        Well, what about TH 11? Is that being kicked around still? Or will we keep seeing more added to TH 10?

        Personally, I am more than happy staying with a TH 10 because I dont think enough players have maxed TH 10 to justify an 11.

      • Trish Lynn-marie

        Hi do you work for supercell to know these things? If so, please read my requests LOL thanks!

  • mikye

    Let’s be honest they should put a trap that can manipulate hostile troops and make them attack each other.2 troops at a time. Upgrade to get more

  • victor

    I think u guys should add the reaper in clash of clan and the tutu but the reaper is regular elixer

    • redd

      no the reaper should be dark elixr

  • poops

    It makes sense to be able to have spells queue up even after the spell factory is full (just like how barracks can fully train a troop even if the army camp is full). Just a thought…

  • Nate

    I think that the town hall should look like the walls of the equal level (i.e.) like the th 10 has a similar look to level 10 walls. In the same way, a town hall level 6 could have a purplish look to it

  • Aditya Rohilla

    Sir … I think townhall lvl 11 shud defend itself . there shud be kinda tesla or x bow mount on the top of the townhall.

  • Bryce_da_man34

    Maybe not this update but some other update this year or the next Supercell should add Light Elixir which is mined from the sky from clouds. And the troops would be like Archangel and Nymph and some sort of cloud warrior. Just what i think should happen.

    • mikye


    • logan

      this is so stupid lmao

  • Ron Swanson

    Supercell ruled out TH 11 forever ago

  • Eliot

    Goblin duke

  • Rolie

    Dragon Tamer (New Hero – Dragon with a Goblin Prince); Dwarf (DE Troop), Cyborg (DE Troop); Mind Control Spell; Mind Control Beacon?

    • logan


  • ruskr

    You should make new hero like a darkness with dark fire balls to attack and…

    • redd

      that is basicky a wizard

      • devoking

        all ur ideas suck