Best Destiny Postmaster special delivery weapon

Just as we told you a few days ago, Bungie had promised to deliver a Destiny Legendary package to players before the end of the week. Now, we’re pleased to see that this is now live and you can head to the Postmaster to claim a special delivery package in Destiny.

Inside waiting for you should be a new Legendary weapon which is Bungie’s way of saying thanks for playing during the Holiday season and for your continued support as we enter 2015.

Just like Xur’s new items though, the reward is completely random so everyone will be getting different loot – some not so good if you are not lucky, but some excellent choices too such as Legendary Fusion rifles.


The question is, what did you get from the Destiny Postmaster special deliver package today? Some of the rewards that we have seen so far, include the Time on Target as highlighted above, Another NITC, Badger CCL and the Coiled Hiss 1919.

Those are some decent weapons, but did you get something better than this? As far as we’re aware, there isn’t an expiry on the Postmaster special package, but it’s better to grab it as soon as possible just to be safe.

Good luck and tell us what you received below! We’ll be back in a few hours with Xur’s new spawn location this week.



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