Advanced Warfare 1.06 update with minor PS3, X360 notes

By Daniel Chubb - Jan 8, 2015

The Call of Duty Advanced Warfare 1.06 update is now live on PS3 and Xbox 360, although the full patch notes are yet to be revealed by Sledgehammer Games. The COD Advanced Warfare 1.06 version is for the previous generation console, as this number has already released on the newer PS4 and Xbox One systems. Update: The full patch notes are now live and have been added to this article below, so take a look at the minor but important changes.

We expect this patch is for the Ranked Play season 1 changes, so we might see the new generation consoles also receive a download later today on January 7th. For those of you that don’t know, RANKED PLAY’s Opening Season will start in two days time and is believed to need a download in preparation.

You can see the divisions for Ranked Play within the Advanced Warfare graphic below, which breaks down each into Masters, Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Some of our readers might have been hands-on with this mode already, of course this is before Season 1 started.


What changes have you noticed since installing the COD Advanced Warfare 1.06 update on PS3, or Xbox 360? If the same patch comes to PS4 and Xbox One within version 1.09, or if the full notes and changelog arrive, then we’ll let Product Reviews readers know.

For now, leave a comment below and let us know if the freezing problems are finally fixed on PlayStation 3.

Update: We are getting reports that the patch has caused problems with finding a game after installing, also there’s no changes evident in Ranked Play at this time. Again, share your feedback below.

Update with Xbox 360 and PS3 1.06 patch notes – Both last generation systems received the same improvements, which fixed connectivity issues and made improvements to “content management for purchases made in the In-Game Store”. The patch notes also mention that a future update will bring more features like Daily Challenges.

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  • Ben

    SH add camos on the local play

  • loadsofpeople

    Ps3 still freezing and getting image error message and kicked from games because of it still. Weird.

  • chris copeland

    My pss4 was frozen until I removed game from my system this is a problem that needs to be fix asap paid to much money for system sticks head phones decals please correct the issue. Cop216.

  • Itz Adrian

    Can u please make it so that we can use our armor that we gonna from supply drops in local splitscreen play plz do this I need it!!!!

  • Brandon

    The game still freeze it happened on my friend ps3 and mine and my brothers.

    • Ran

      Mine also froze after 3 hours.This game is broken on the ps3.
      Back 2 Black Ops 2.

  • bk

    No its not resolved and I always start the game with no weapon in my hand idk what’s that about

  • echo

    My day zero access is still not showing in game any help would be great

  • Trevor McCain

    Its almost like they just don’t care about the people who bought the game. Just the money they get. This is worse than black ops 2

  • Trevor McCain

    And still, still still still! No. Day. Zero. Bonus.

  • Trevor McCain

    No system hack Nerf. So I’m still blind 50% of the time. No real weapon changes. No real fixes as far as I see.

    Basically they fixed their store so they can make their money and league play so nobody would call them out. Real cute, SH. Reaaaal cute.

    • Trevor McCain

      Ranked play. My mistake

      • Pandahacker

        Are you serious? They nerfed the BAL 3HK range that some shotguns are more viable at CQC. ASM1 got a ridiculous buff having a longer 3HK range then most ARs

        • Trevor McCain

          Can’t comment on the BAL. Avoid it Like the plague

          Shotguns are still lol worthy. They still suck. How exactly were they buffed? Damage, range, spread, accuracy, etc…

          Barely touch the asm1. From what i have used it tho, the buff is helpful.

  • Danilo

    If it keeps freezing try turning off Paintball mode it helped me…

  • SledgehammerIsAFailure

    Still freezes.. Has frozen twice in the first hour of playing. It is actually significantly worse.

  • Micheal Smith

    Fixed my PS3 freezing I haven’t froze yet and response time is better when game ends and it brings up scoreboard

    • Derek

      My ps3 just froze in pre-game lobby……..Nothing fixed….

  • Lee ‘Leady’ Leadbitter

    on 360 we noticed system hack hasnt been touched at all. pretty much i dont notice anything that was mentioned in next gens big patch. not even daily challenges. there has been an increase in lower levels in public play which suggests maybe sbmm has been removed, or toned down, however still in lobbys with people around the world so it doesnt look like locale is a strong enough priority. definately some connection issues since the update also.