Destiny Legendary update with Bungie gift tease

Bungie is back to work this week, after the Christmas break! While we haven’t seen the weekly update yet from the developer on the Bungie news website, we can inform you that a ‘legendary’ surprise is on the way to all Destiny players very soon.

Bungie has sent out a sneaky Tweet just hours ago confirming this as fact, referring to the gesture as a ‘small, but legendary token of gratitude’. They also reveal that the update will be delivered to players this week, so we can’t wait to see what they mean by legendary.

Some players have already suggested that this could be a clue to the highly anticipated Destiny Crota’s End hard raid which we spoke about hours ago.


However, others have said that Bungie may be planning to drop a single piece of legendary armor to players as a new year gift as Bungie’s way of saying thanks for continuing to keep the servers busy.

We will just have to sit back and wait for Bungie to update their Destiny news website to reveal what this little gift is going to be. To make the wait more enjoyable, let us know what you personally want it to be and what you think it will end up being.



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