Awaiting OtterBox iPhone 6 Resurgence Power Case review

It’s always hard to know just what the best iPhone 6 case is because it depends on various factors; such as what it is you need and more importantly, budget. We know from experience that the OtterBox Resurgence Power Case for previous iPhones have proven to be popular, and we see no reason why this will not be the same this time.

The OtterBox iPhone 6 Resurgence Power Case was announced during CES 2015, and while there is no specific release date, you can enter your details with Otterbox to register your interest.

Now this new case has been teased we are awaiting to see the first OtterBox iPhone 6 Resurgence Power Case review, although we have a feeling there will be a long wait. If the case were coming soon, then surely the case maker would have set a release date.

OtterBox iPhone 6 Resurgence Power Case

Looking over the specifications, the power case does not have as much battery capacity as other third-party cases, such as the one made by offGRID, as they are 2,600 milliamp hours and 3000mAh respectively.

However, we do suspect the Resurgence case will be more robust than the offGRID Express battery case.

While we cannot tell you too much about this new case from Otterbox, we do know there will be four color options. A word of warning though, while this new case will protect against bumps and knocks, it is not waterproof.



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