Withings Activité Pop, not an Apple Watch competitor

With new products being announced at CES 2015, you would be mistaken for thinking that the Withings Activité Pop was an Apple Watch competitor, seeing as though the company was expected to release one, but this is not the case. This new model is a cheap fitness-tracking wristwatch, which does seem all the rage at the moment.

Withings Activité Pop price – Getting the right price point is so important when going for the low-cost market for such devices, and we leave it to you to decide whether $149.95 is cheap enough, although we suspect it will be?

Seeing as though this is not going to be an Apple Watch rival, we know its battery life is going to be impressive, and 8 months is certainly that. This is to be expected when you consider it lacks certain functions that Apple’s smartwatch will come with, but the Activité Pop gives users just what they need to keep track of their health.

Withings Activité Pop, not an Apple Watch competitor

We have included a brief hands-on Withings Activité Pop video review below for your viewing pleasure, which explains how the company has taken the features of the Activité and made it more accessible to everyone.

There are currently three color options, but there are 6 more on the way. Even though this is a cheaper version, it still does motion-tracking, monitors your sleeping patterns and so much more.

While we do not know when the Withings Activité Pop will be released in the UK, we do know that the fitness device will be available on the Withings online store within weeks. However, some Best Buy stores in the US have already started to stock them.



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