Minecraft TU19 PS4 release date in US anger

By Alan Ng - Jan 5, 2015

We told you last month that Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners had finally received the highly anticipated new Minecraft update. Unfortunately though, it looks like 4J Studios are still having problems with regards to PlayStation versions, as at the moment the Minecraft PS4 update in the US is missing.

This is somewhat strange, considering that this appears to be only affecting PS4 users specifically in North America. All other platforms have received this update, that includes PS3 and PS Vita versions.

For some reason though, the PS4 version has encountered problems and even worse is that 4J Studios have not spoken about the PS4 update since December 25.


Obviously the developer is entitled to a Christmas holiday like everyone else, but we can see that some still expected the update to be fixed and released as soon as possible, considering that it was a PS4 specific problem.

Then again, others believe that the problem is solely in the hands of Sony’s certification process and that any blame should be placed there. Either way, the Minecraft TU19 PS4 release date is nowhere to be seen so let’s hope that 4J Studios has some good news to share soon.

As a Minecraft fan playing on PS4, are you as equally as shocked as we are that the PS4 update appears to have stalled with little explanation?

Let us know how you are feeling right now.

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  • cleartheroom jay

    This article doesn’t divulge any new info. Are you reaporting or regurgitating the same useless info?

  • anon.guy.

    They already sent it in for certification before Xmas. It’s Sony of America we should be angry at. Europe as well as other regions already have the update on PS4.

    • cleartheroom jay

      Sony rejected the patch because it had bugs. Then 4j put their work off until New Years.

  • jabson

    Mojang nobody likes you no more. Your a piece of sh..t if u ask me. You can’t even inform us what’s going on. I don’t even care bout the update anymore or minecraft in general cuz its always gonna be some stupid sh..t you guys do all the time like delay and don’t inform us about anything. Just stop. You don’t derserve to be a company anymore. Ypur lazy and obviously can’t keep up. Just go home mojang and let the pros do theire thing. Your ruining minecraft.

    • Voyage Zero

      it’s not mo hang it’s 4jstudios but I completely agree.

      • Ryan

        It’s solely Sony’s fault, you petulant, illiterate little children. The update is stuck in Sony’s certification process.

        Mojang (which is now owned by Microsoft) is not to blame, as it has 4J Studios create/update the console versions of the game based on the already existing PC version.

        4J Studios is not to blame as it had the TU completed and submitted before Christmas even came around.

        The only thing between us and this TU is Sony’s non-sensical certification process.

    • Alex

      Uh huh. It’s not like Minecraft is a difficult game to program (not saying it’s easy either) but c’mon. These “updates” are just like copy and pasting.

  • someguy-_-

    Completely unacceptable! My 11 year old daughter bought this game with her own money expecting to do all the things done on the PC without mods. I have one crushed little girl and they are not even given us info on it. I am going to advise that she gets rid of the game and buy it on PC.

    • Jay

      Even when they do update it, it will not be on par with the PC. So she was doomed to be disappointed.

    • Alex

      Get it for pc. It’s free. With mods and stuff

      • Speedster117

        Um it’s not free…

  • aj

    Horrible… I believe its Microsoft and them just not caring about Ps4 cuz when mojang was mojang they were always
    on time

  • jess


  • Kayhub

    I am probably going to get rid of minecraft now.

    • jess

      Or just play it on the ps3 or ps vita. I know its not the same. But they will eventually release it for the ps4 and by then you will have the basics down.