EA servers down on Jan 5, unavailable say users

By Daniel Chubb - Jan 5, 2015

We have heard about FIFA 15 online play not working correctly over the weekend, but within the last few minutes an increased number of gamers claim EA servers are down today, January 5 2015. The error message being displayed states, “EA servers are unavailable” and displays in different ways for select games.

If EA servers are down on Jan 5, then this would certainly impact many games and more than just FIFA 15. You will see hundreds of tweets within the last 30 minutes, which include communication between friends asking why they haven’t joined in online games. One player replied to such a question, “I did try to join, but it days EA servers are unavailable”.

You can see the said tweet below, although this is just one of hundreds of messages on different social networkings that include Twitter. Within the last 10 minutes we saw these tweets, “EA servers are down, might as well forget about playing”, “EA servers not working again, they’re just being whack”, and also “Bought madden for my Xbox and I can’t sign into EA servers”.


Are you having problems with EA servers down today and if so, what game are you playing? This story is developing and we will have an update shortly, although no official response has been given from EA Sports or the FIFA channel.

Update: It looks like there’s many disconnections taking place from EA servers, and then players can’t get back online. Many are deciding to play offline until the problem is fixed.

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  • Dre

    There are hacking Twitter accounts with the same photo out there asking you to log into your origin account…don’t do it.

  • Meep

    Want to write about something good ? I’m taking ea to court because they took my money and banned me wrongfully

  • Joe

    I am burning all me ea products, unless they give me something free.

  • Rob

    Just wanted to play some BF4, damn.

  • Tim

    Down in Kent, UK. Wanted to play FIFA early before work.