Destiny Crota’s End hard release date for Necrochasm

By Alan Ng - Jan 5, 2015

Now that the Holiday is over, it’s time to get back to business with regards to the first Destiny update in 2015. Bungie are promising even more content for their amazing game, the most notable of which is the highly anticipated Destiny Crota’s End hard mode release date.

Bungie initially promised that this update would be coming sometime in January, but so far they haven’t revealed the exact date. Our guesses on this is that the mode will be available towards the end of January, but obviously we hope that Bungie delivers sooner.

Why the importance on the hard mode of Crota’s End you ask? Well, it’s a good question as the majority of Destiny players with the Dark Below expansion are still asking how to obtain the Crux of Crota in Destiny.


We can tell you once again that this item can only be found in Crota’s End raid on hard mode and it’s the key item that is needed to upgrade the Eidolon Ally to the Necrochasm – the latter of which is likely going to be the best weapon in the game.

We’ve heard some stories on how there is a way to unlock the Crux of Crota in Destiny right now, but as far as we’re aware this is impossible until Bungie adds it into the game.

Bungie are well aware that players are looking for the Crux of Crota, so hopefully they will not keep us waiting much longer. Let us know if you have completed everything that the Dark Below has to offer and if you are just waiting on unlocking the Necrochasm in Destiny.

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  • pissed

    Click bait crap, screw this site.

  • YourmomsVaJJ

    Thanks for lying in your title you god damn hack.

  • hack

    Click bait. Change the name of the article you hack.

  • TJE4tje4

    i need a crust of scrota…

  • anon

    This article title is very misleading

  • Guest

    The answer to the first stage of crotas end is bladedancer, Patience and Time and the new Gloves for Hunters, never have to fire a shot. Solo Dolo.

  • Mewes682

    I’ve played everything except for Crotas End, I waited awhile before playing VoG, it’s easier when playing with people that know what they are doing lol

    • Brad Wainwright

      It’s easier to be part of a team and know what to do by running from day 1, and taking every opera unity to help people through, and still find fatebringer the answer to the first stage of crotas end, and the raid weapons destroy everything in the latter stages, and the raid armour is a must to speed ball things like the gatekeepers (as a titan), and to reload like a saint when oversoul hits…

      • Jack Grey

        All you need for the first stage is bladedancer. Did it by myself a few times up to shreiker chest.

        • Whosover

          What a useful site. I see they love to just post what people want in the title and find nothing in the article but lies. You can currently solo the entire raid up til crota solo as long as you know what your doing. I just tend not to try crota solo even though I probably could being 32 already.