Cheapest Apple-authorized iPhone 6 battery case by offGRID

It’s taken some third-party case makers too long to release their version of an iPhone 6 battery case, and out of those that are already available, not many of them are Apple Certified. One of the most recent models is the offGRID Express Backup Battery case, which has been a long-time coming.

Cheapest Apple-authorized iPhone 6 battery case – We already have the Energi Sliding power case that costs $100, but at $80, the offGRID Express is one of the cheapest battery cases for Apple’s iPhone 6.

There is a downside, as the latter case comes with 3000mAh of power compared to 3200mAh for the former, and the offGRID model only comes in the one color option, and that is black. It would be nice for a greater choice, but maybe that will come later down the line.

Cheapest Apple-authorized iPhone 6 battery case

Ideal Mophie Juice alternative – What some of you may like with the offGRID case is the fact it comes with metallic button protectors, something that only the high-end Juice Packs come with. We know there are cheaper options out there, but you have to remember this is Apple Certified and so you know you are getting a quality item.

There are no iPhone 6 offGRID Express case video reviews as yet, although 9 to 5 Mac has been hands-on.



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