Destiny Xur items today with new Exotic weapon

We have been waiting to find out where is Xur today on January 2, as this is the first appearance of the Agent of the Nine of course, in 2015. We now have the confirmed location for you, as well as Xur’s new items this week for the first event in January.

As expected, Xur’s spawn location today has once again changed from last week. Now, we can confirm that Xur’s spawn point is inside the bar and so you should head there asap to see what he has for sale.

Last week many were disappointed to see the No Land Beyond sniper rifle up for grabs. Well this week, Xur’s inventory for January 2 will include the Dragon’s Breath Exotic rocket launcher, Don’t Touch Me hunter gauntlets and the Starfire Protocol armor..


Most of you were all praying that Bungie would finally drop the Icebreaker or the Gjallarhorn, but once again these items continue to elude us for another week.

Overall though, are you happy with what Xur is selling this week? Let us know what you think of the Dragon’s Breath and for those that still can’t find Xur, we have added a short video below giving you an exact heads-up on where Xur is in the tower today.

Did you spend all of your strange coins today? What did you want to see on sale today instead?



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