Destiny Dragon’s Breath review after Xur surprise

Many of you have been waiting for a great weapon to be sold by Xur in recent weeks and now we are happy to say that this moment has arrived. Xur isn’t selling the Icebreaker on January 2, but he is offering the Exotic Dragon’s Breath rocket launcher which is almost just as good and a weapon that is brand new with the Dark Below DLC.

Xur has literally just spawned in the game minutes ago and we can see that the Dragon’s Breath is available for 17 strange coins for those that have Dark Below installed.

This rocket launcher is unique in the fact that it comes with a special ability. After firing, you’ll leave a solar flare on the ground allowing you to do bonus damage if the enemy runs into it.


We can bring you some great analysis on this new weapon below, as we can also tell you that some lucky players have managed to get the Dragon Breath early from a Nightfall raid in the Dark Below.

Xur is selling it for everyone now though and watching the two videos below that we have included should give you the perfect answer on whether this is worth replacing weapons such as the No Land Beyond, which many of you have probably equipped now when Xur had it last week.

Aside from the solar flare that it offers, you’ll also notice however that the Dragon’s Breath does not include tracking as other rocket launchers do. This means that while you will lose the ability to hit targets that are moving or are a long distance away, you’ll be able to be able to fire precise rounds directly at where you are aiming – so make it count.

The Dragon’s Breath is available right now so let us know if you have just bought it for 17 Strange Coins from Xur. Are you happy with your purchase after seeing what it can do in-game? Let us know your own personal thoughts on this weapon below.



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