Xur excitement for January 2 to 4

By Alan Ng - Apr 15, 2015

In a few days time, we are almost ready for another Destiny Xur location on January 2 and of course it is going to be Xur’s first appearance of 2015 to kick off a brand new year for Destiny fans.

As far as we’re aware, Bungie has no special ‘new year’ surprise planned for Xur’s inventory this week. However, we are obviously hoping that there will be a few surprises just to make the game a little more exciting as we kick off a new year.

We still have not had the Icebreaker sniper rifle on sale from Xur and it’s quite funny to see most players literally begging Bungie to make it available as a preference over any other weapon in the game.

Xur’s wares are random though don’t forget, so we would advise you not to get hopes up in case Xur ends up selling something less desirable or even worse – the same weapon as last week which was the No Land Beyond sniper rifle.


As we wait to find out where is Xur’s new location on January 2, let us know what you want to see this week from the Agent of the Nine. Were you happy with last week’s items, or were you disappointed?

Here’s the important details for you: Make sure you are ready to catch Xur at 9am UK time on January 2, 2015. This means that the Xur location time in the US is 1am Pacific Time or 4am Eastern Time – this is pre-set by Bungie and hasn’t changed since the game launched.

We would love to see the Gjallarhorn or the Icebreaker, but again we are not getting our hopes up on this since the items sold are once again going to be randomly generated.

What should Xur sell this week? Have your say below and we wish a happy 2015 to all Destiny players worldwide.

UPDATE: Xur has now spawned! You can find out the confirmed location and the items with a video. Let us know your thoughts on his new wares, we are very happy this time – are you?

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  • Xur’s messenger

    All new dlc armor, exotic boots for Titan ftw, dragons breath rocket launcher (meh, truth and ghorn way better) hunter gauntlet with cool perks, sweet looking warlock robe, under fwc near ship side

    • Destiny’s Child

      Wow thanks for the help!

  • Grant Schiedel

    Ya its time and I haven’t found him

  • you

    how long till hes here?

  • Shadow

    i need 2 more strange coins to buy a weapon ive decoded so many engrams now 🙁

  • oCoZmiC

    He has sold ice breaker and gjallarhorn for purchase already. Get your article right!

    • AvengingNarwal

      The article didnt say that they havent been sold. A lot of people dont have these weapons because they have only been sold once. Thats why people want them to be sold.

  • EditDesync

    Why does everyone want SUROS it’s Honestly not that great. Mythoclast , fatebringer , and NLB are the greatest

  • Chris Nichols

    Um…Do the people who write these articles play the games they are reporting on? Xur has had the Icebreaker and has also had the upgrade for the Icebreaker

  • RedDawn0609

    Hard light is what I want Xur to be selling this week.
    Or how about two exotic weapons, like a primary and a secondary. Like the suros or hard light, and the ice breaker.

    • Shaun Nicholson

      Finally got hard light in the nightfall… I’ve been after that gun for the longest time!

      • RedDawn0609

        Not gonna lie I’m jealous lol. I got the dragons breath in the nf on Tuesday and then come to find out I didn’t need to work that hard since Xur is selling it this week lol. Well I guess there is always next week right? I have been after that gun for like two months now. Everyone else that I play with on Destiny is getting it, but me.

        • Shaun Nicholson

          Lol that’s just how I felt… Xurs never sold hard light. I’ve been hoping for months. Hang in there mate you’ll get it in the end

  • Anthony

    Someone tell please


      He comes in 2hours and 20mins

    • Shadow

      we dont know untill 1hr and 35mins…

  • Anthony

    Where is he at

  • Slushy61

    Suros Regime!

  • N

    Ice breaker was already for sale

  • travonta

    I have both ice breaker and gjallarhorn. I want the suros or the red death.

  • Spud

    i need a icebreaker its the best weapon

  • Johnson Nguyen

    I just need Ice Breaker and a Light Beyond Nemesis Upgrade

  • VintageArrow90

    Helm of the Saint-14 and ICE BREAKER!!!

  • Shadowreeper1337

    Actually I want icebreaker or thunderlord and yes he has thunderlord in his loot pool

  • Shadowreeper1337

    No land beyond again every week for evvvaaaaaarr

    • no suros this week and then that

      • Shadowreeper1337

        I feel you brother xur is becoming like the craptarch

        • xur always has something I don’t want or already have.. I though about getting dragons breath but didn’t cause i have truth and ghallajorn

  • Gold_Blooded1946

    Gallajhorn is no longer in the rotation and will never again be sold by xur. Sorry folks.

  • Jeff911

    You said it right been playing since launch i beg and plead for an ice breaker or gjallarhorn!

    • Parker Kunz

      If you have been playing since launch then you would know that he has sold both of the items mentioned above

      • Allan Lewis

        some people didn’t have the coins to get them yet

    • UrMom

      Ice Breaker was the first exotic xur ever sold

  • Chiguy

    MIDA please!

  • Matt

    Suros regime!! I want that gun too!

  • deadfinger

    All i want is the suros regime…i need that gun!!!!!!!


      me too brother, i would kill for that gun

  • mjackn

    MIDA Multi-Tool

    • hahaha, he sold that crap weapon one too many times, suros or nothing

  • Zach Dolbeare

    Xur has already sold the Icebreaker. I would say more people want gjallarhorn sold (again).

    • Karl Maze

      That because you already got the Icebreaker and I don’t -__-

      • Zach Dolbeare

        I have both. Ice breaker never replaces gally for me.

    • don’t sell ghallajorn, keep it more exlusive for peeps like mua