GTA V 1.21, 1.07 update with new features in 2015

By Alan Ng - Dec 30, 2014

Many GTA V players are specifically waiting for the highly anticipated arrival of GTA Online Heists, given that it has been delayed for well over a year. Rockstar has recently promised that it is coming in ‘Early 2015’, so what are the odds of Rockstar actually pushing the content out with the next GTA V update?

We can remind you that the next update for the game will be the GTA V 1.21 update on PS3 and Xbox 360 platforms, while those playing on next-gen can expect the GTA V 1.07 PS4 and Xbox One update to arrive next.

Expecting Heists with the next update though isn’t a good idea in our opinion. Rockstar has carefully selected Early 2015, giving them another few months to release the content within that bracket should they need to.

The developer also recently admitted that Heists was still not finished, so we doubt that it will arrive with the next update. Assuming that this will be the case, what else does Rockstar have in store for us?


We have just had some great fun with the snowball feature in the game, as well as the new homing launcher and proximity mines. We will be sad to see snow disappear from the streets of Los Santos, but excited at the same time to think about what could be coming next.

Also spare a thought for the fact that we have still not heard a single piece of information on when the first GTA V story DLC is coming. This is getting rather strange we have to say, considering it has been over a year since launch and most other developers out there wouldn’t be able to get away with not releasing any new SP content within that timeframe after launch.

Rockstar are special though after all and they can probably afford to keep gamers waiting without any real consequences. If you have had enough of the snow and are looking forward to a new GTA Online update, let us know your ideal list of new GTA V features in 2015 that you want to see.

Are you tired of hearing about Heists and want to know what else is coming to the game?

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  • Jose Taveras

    they should create gyms to be able to unlock new fighting styles and add grappling like the warriors.

  • Briar

    Guys, gta 5 only needs 1 think, besides heists. And that is the ability to hijack trainz and wreak them into each other and have them blow off the tracks.

  • Spartan john227

    Bring back hydraulics nitro and neon lights like you did in gta San Andreas

  • Russ

    Neon lights as well that will b class

  • Russ

    They should bring go-karts on 2 the game that will b class and give players free money each week russ_0813

  • shiftek

    come on at least give us new cars and weapons oo and stop teasing us with heists u f******

  • danny

    So there are loads of skate parks around los santos and they dont get used much so i fink rockstar shud add skateboards and rollerskates and competitions and custom bmx designs and also add surfboards for more fun in the sea

    • matt

      I THINK you SHOULD pay attention in school and not worry about a video game.

  • charlie

    it would be nice if you could add in spraypaint cans so you can paint any where including cars

  • chris

    It would be nice if the car could have colored lights, make your own paint job design and under glow for the car’s.

  • Jon

    Lift kits for vehicles…now

  • guest

    Savannah hydraulics mansions ability to desighn house your own way and gym

    • quest

      Oh and parties

  • TLC2015

    I think they need to add the following:
    – basketball
    -online dating
    -pool parties
    -a option to let u see down anywhere u choice
    – more fast cars
    – more clothes
    – interior design options

    • TLC2015

      Oh and restaurants

  • Ridleyswaqq

    I would like more missions with more cash because I need money and those job arn’t doing anything I would like somthing more than this

    • bismillah

      more 6 & 8-man missions!

  • Wouter Van Hoof

    1. Gasoline for cars. Pitstops in races; fast cars consume more, so maybe people will use those other cars once in a while, and who knows, bikes – no gas so no cost.

    2. Properties with helipad and jetty. Why buy a helicopter if you can call Merryweather 1000x for the same price, and they land next to you? Also, boats are useless! Maybe if I had a boat near my house I’d use it once in a while.

    3. Info on lobby screen for missions. Some missions say “satelite images show there’s mutliple ways into the factory”, so why not show the satelite images when you press square (like you can do in races)

    4. Option to neglect weapon pick-ups (if the weapon is inferior to what you have). Then you could buy “all ammo” in one click for only the weapons you need (in mission lobby)… who uses the pistol and smg anyway?

    5. Cop mission in free mode – with access to all the police hardware (and ability to call in back-up)

    6. Hunting in online. Survive a night in the woods…

    But most important: THE NEED TO BUY GASOLINE!!! (and charge the Voltic in your garage)

    • gclark96

      Should they lower taxes in Los Santos too? Maybe even free health care?

  • Brandon Lloyd

    Here is my list for Rockstar:
    1. They should bring back the gym, so YOU are able to press certain buttons to gain muscle, also… They the muscle you gain needs to visible and add a 6-pack too and maybe my accessories.

    2. Bring out more SUPER and SPORTS cars and more MODS

    3. As Emery said, Mansions would be nice instead of Hotels sort of places, I think that you should bring down the prices of homes too.

    4. Add more money on putting bounty’s on people.

    and last of all

    5. You should put the ability to SHARE your money with friends whenever you want, because then your helping too, not just if you’ve joined a job or not.

    Thank you for reviewing this, However, My main things about these are the 1st one and the 5th one.

    • Danny

      They should bring back most of the activitys from gta iv like pool bowling and from gta sandreas basketball duel wield and hijack a train and be able to wreak it at high speed or crash into a separate train it would make the game a whole lot better.

  • tw

    Some story DLC that was promised for “late 2014” would be nice…

  • Emery

    I want Mansions, the ability to workout and gain muscles and I want them to bring back the Jet Pack.

  • Guest

    They have to build gyms to get muscles or they need to make the devices on the beach work.

  • Guest

    Did anyone did’n notice that all the ideas we requested to be added in the coming updates where put in the ps4/xbox1 platforms? They just knew how to screw half world. If we keep throwing what’s in our mind. There gonna use it for ps4/xbox1. While half the world is still using current gen…

  • Duder

    I’d like to see a HD universe version of the DeLuxo (DeLorean) in the classic sports car category. Also, maybe an “old time entertainment” theme. Magician and magicians assistant outfits, Charlie Chaplinesque suits (though his mustache style was ruined by someone in the 40’s). Maybe even a couple special days where the game world is black and white only.

  • michael


  • me

    we need to be able to buy more safe houses. also more cars, aircraft and guns…..i def feel like story mode is neglected.

    • Miller

      Dude. Story has all the interesting little details that they neglected to give Online. Ex, blood trails when shot, nudity, animals, certain activities.

    • gooch

      Definitely more safe houses! One garage is not enough and also bringing back nitrous. Would also be sweet to see hydraulics and car liveries.