FIFA 15 January upgrade with Tevez Vs Aguero update

By Alan Ng - Dec 30, 2014

It is a very exciting time for FIFA 15 players at the moment, as we are counting down the days until EA makes preparations for the highly anticipated FIFA 15 January upgrades.

The developer will upgrade the players that they deem to be worthy of improvement, just like they do every year and following on from events that transpire in the real European Transfer window.

We have already spoke about some possible transfer targets that could take place next month, but now it is time to talk about specific player upgrades that EA could look at, based on performance so far.


Two of the standout candidates are Manchester City FC striker Sergio Aguero and his fellow Argentine striker Carlos Tevez. Both strikers have been in fantastic form lately, with Juventus player Tevez especially almost certain to get an upgrade from EA considering that he has already had two in-form cards.

Most FIFA 15 players will tell you that two inform cards for a single player at this stage of the season is very impressive indeed. It is also a clear-cut sign that the player is due for an upgrade and so at the end of January we should see Tevez with a brand new rating.

We have included two images here, showing the existing default ratings for Tevez and Aguero, plus their new predicted ratings should EA upgrade them officially. The new ratings which you see move Tevez to an 86 and Aguero to an 87, with the stats shown actually reflecting current in-form ratings.

We wouldn’t have any arguments if Tevez and Aguero are officially upgraded by EA, but is there an argument that Tevez should be upgraded to an 87 permanently or is this too high?

Watch the videos that we have added below offering insight, then give us your thoughts on this and any other players who you believe deserve an upgrade.

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  • Hello

    Hi will my players automatically be upgraded or will I have to buy the new upgraded cards while my players remain the same?

    • Niels

      Only the In-Form players will be upgraded. Non-rare players won’t

      • Niels

        Correction, Non-inform wont*

  • Milton

    Can anyone tell what the upgrades are all about, should I sell all my informs before all this happens or keep them all?

    • Dave2k17

      don’t sell informs, they will be upgrade in your squad, standard cards become become available in packs (Kinda stupid)

  • ARW

    Not exciting at all, the patch has ruined user input and unless there’s a new one the number of players will continue to drop. I guess it’s exciting if you’re a kid who doesn’t remember what football games were like, or a gamer who doesn’t care about football being simulated.

    • Asterisk

      The user input lag has been in it since the start. 14 was much more responsive.