Advanced Warfare quick scope glitch cheating or skill

Just when you thought that there already enough Advanced Warfare glitches in the game to trouble you, we have spotted something which we think you need to know about.

It appears that players are now taking advantage of a new Advanced Warfare quick scoping method, one which offers a perfect accuracy rate if combined with the right equipment.

The video which we have to show you below gives you an idea of how this devastating this is in-game, which quite frankly some of you may label this a form of cheating.


Watch closely and you’ll see that not only is quick scoping still happening in the game, but equipping a black scope can result in perfect accuracy against the target when not even aiming properly.

We have seen many of you voice your opinion on this, by saying that it is unfair and that a new Advanced Warfare quick scope patch needs to happen. However, we’ve also seen some of you say that this is still ‘skill’ and perfectly fine, so the debate is ongoing.

In our opinion, it does look a bit overpowered and we doubt Sledgehammer intended players to be able to quick scope so easily. Watch the clip and let us know what you think about it.

Is it cheating or skill?



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