Twitter down in apps, can’t login states message

By Daniel Chubb - Dec 28, 2014

The Twitter service is down right now within Android and iOS apps, according to reports from users on popular status update websites. For some it is December 29, although in other regions Twitter is down on Dec 30 thanks to different timezones. The most reported error seems to focus on not being able to sign-in to the Twitter app, which asks users to try again later.

We performed a few tests in the UK on early Dec 29, but everything seems to be working fine. This doesn’t change the fact that thousands of problems were reported in the last 15 minutes alone, as you can see on Down Detector and Down Today.

Twitter down in apps and can't login

Users reported that they were kicked out of the app and then told to, “try again later”. One Product Reviews reader added, “I can’t login, the iPhone app has a message saying try again later”.

Are you having problems with the Twitter app right now and if so, is it on Android or iOS? We’d also love to know the nearest city, just to spot patterns and of course let us know if you can access the website even when the apps are down today.

Update: It looks like the twitter app and mobile site are down today, but the main website is working fine.

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  • Francis

    The message was different now, it said the username and password didn’t match. changed password and its now working fine.

  • jakiyah

    Its currently still down on the app. Mobile, Al

  • Gabrielle

    I was unable to log in via the web app on my laptop, and my Android app logged me out and I can’t log back in. I was, however, able to use my iPad app just fine. Go figure. In Atlanta, GA, USA.

  • Oliver

    Can’t access it on my LG – Tucson, AZ

  • PanchoCaceres

    Still down on my android in Mexico. Three hours and counting. Desktop works fine.

  • Matthew L

    Down in Australia.. have been getting this for the last 3 hours.. on android.

  • sameer


  • nicki

    Droid DNA in Boston …website working fine, app is not.

  • nascarkid397

    Galaxy S3 app in Bay County, MI was force-logged out hours ago and will not log back in.

  • Sumit Panday

    India (Kashmir) : I was logged out from twitter app on my android phone. Tried to log in many times but it showed “error try again later” I thought someone must hv reported me and twitter has suspended my account. Thank u for mentioning in ur report that Twitter website is working. I logged into to twiiter on PC after reading this report, its working fine.

  • Kamal Rana

    Down in Hyderabad

  • phil

    Gary, Indiana

  • parsons

    Houma Louisiana

  • Seaofcyn

    Toronto ON

  • Toby Marie Walker

    Waco, Texas

  • Ryan R

    App and website down… Central Kentucky

  • steph

    Harrisburg, PA USA