PS4 users change MTU settings to fix PSN sign-in

By Daniel Chubb - Dec 28, 2014

While thousands of PlayStation 4 owners are still claiming PSN is down today, it looks like changing the PS4 MTU settings is one option to fix PSN sign-in problems. This is exactly the message being spread by gamers to others owning the same console, which also involves the PS3 in some circumstances.

If you cannot sign-in to PSN on December 28, then Down Today users recommend you change your PS4 MTU settings to 1450 instead of 1500. It doesn’t seem to be working for everyone, but there’s hundreds of users at the above website claiming this stopped the NW-31194-8 error message and allowed them to sign-in to PSN again.


You just have to go to the settings menu on your PS4 and then setting up a new internet connection, or edit an existing one. Change the option from automatic to custom, and then set the MTU to 1450.

This is only a temporary fix while Sony sort out the PlayStation Network, which should be online for most people by now. It looks like Sony aimed to make changes to stop future DDOS attacks and the likes of Lizard Squad has promised not to attack Xbox Live and PSN anymore.

Did changing your PS4 MTU settings help you sign-in to PSN again, or are you still getting error messages? The official PSN status page details everything as online, so if you are seeing something different, then we’d love to hear from our readers along with any error codes being experienced.

Sony confirmed the problems with logging in yesterday, and have since told PS3 and PS4 owners to keep trying while PSN services come back fully online.

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  • Ian Forbes

    Xbox is the best.. not one problem, mine was back on end of Christmas day .00:01am boxing day and no problem since.. what a team they are

    • Dan S.

      Boxing day?

      • Ian Forbes

        You from the u.s Dan?. in UK the day after Christmas is called Boxing Day. Wikipedia – Boxing Day if you wanna lean more.. But yeah Me and friends were back online with Xbox all day that day with no probs 🙂

  • Liz^rdSQ^uD

    What’s the point of a free game if this is just gonna happen again… All for a movie that can put innocent lives at risk. A WAR for money and Oil. -TO THE YOUTH= Instead of complaining about psn go buy WEAPON’S & AMMO before the government take all our rights away. Find the truth America!

  • Tanya

    It worked for a few hours for us but now it won’t let anyone sign into psn anymore

  • kr3w__kryptic

    It gave me about 30 min of online gameplay, then disconnected and continued the error

  • alphadu100or

    same mess in France ; no way to log on PSN yet and still the nice NW error code ! Changing MTU has not being helping and I agree shall rather add to the mess than anything else . Better to keep sitting on ass and wait or just play the off line single player mode ….For those who already went through that, remember last time Sony has been hacked ( mmm 2011 ? ) they needed about 3 weeks to fix it ! Lets wait and see if they got better !

  • aliwinters506

    This fixed it for me awesome thank you

  • David


  • David

    After turning off my ps4 and turning on again it still working good online, thanks to MTU 1450 lol
    now I can play online lol.

  • vivian

    worked for me to

  • Paul

    1450 worked for me thanks!

  • David

    Really thanks it work for me and you’re better than askplaystation.

  • PlayTimeIsNOW

    1473 will work, reboot ps4 and resign in! WILL WORK AFTER REBOOT!



  • stephen wilde

    THANK U,THANK U,THANK U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been looking for a solution for days and yours worked! THANK U SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I don’t have issues with signing in, I am however having problems redeeming that code to pick 1 of 4 free games. I keep getting Undefined. It’d be nice if the support forums at least had ONE Sony employee at least acknowledge this “undefined” problem.

  • Markus

    MTU 1473. Fixed it. Germany

  • Rosebud

    How will we know when to change it back to the 1500

    • zeacharywillbanks

      how do u no when to set back to 1500?

  • l

    i cant find the MTU

  • STR8G

    Worked for me

  • Itworked

    Just changed the mtu to 1450. Worked like a dream!!!!

  • Ben

    29th Dec just signed in using MTU 1450 and success!! Sony need to give us free games as compensation surely this is a simple fix!!!

  • joseph

    thank you very much it worked,mtu 1450

  • This is not Jason

    1450 worked for me (Canada)

  • A.Tins (Veteran)

    Currently Under Maintenance 12/29/2014 – 0105 ET

    We are currently experiencing widespread network issues that are being addressed.
    While you are waiting for us, please check out:

    Trading PS4 for A New Xbox One.
    Sony Network Engineers have no clue what their doing!
    They get it up and running, then they shut it down again!

    • justerthought

      lol better yet, just play the PS4 single player games offline until it gets fixed, because they run better than the XB1 version. No sense in accepting less just because you lack patience.

    • PJackson

      Xbox having similar issues. So no freedom there lol

      • Ian Forbes

        Xbox is the best.. not one problem, mine was back on end of Christmas day .00:01am boxing day and no problem since..Same as my friends on xbox live 360’s and One’s.. What a team Microsoft are

        • PJackson

          Actually XBox Live had issues for multiple days. Their servers were not back up fully and without flaw until monday this week. And even then they were sketchy and would go in and out. Trust me, I watch PSN and Xbox servers all day long.

        • Ian Forbes

          errm no we were fully back online with xbox one early boxing day, xbox store & apps and playing fifa online with friends. Only problem for me & friends was xmas day.. There are guys at my work who still cant sign into there ps4

        • PJackson

          Actually no you weren’t. I took enough support calls for Xbox because people couldn’t get into their Xbox Live to know. I stared at their bloody website every hour to see if it came up. BUT I digress. Not EVERYONE has the issues. For every 3-5 people I had call me for support, 1 was on Xbox live. The same exact issue with PSN. For instance I’m on PSN just fine. So, forgive me for being skeptic when the Xbox and PSN servers are my office. In a matter of speaking.

  • justerthought

    There is a problem with all this MTU advice. People are messing with the MTU without even knowing what it does. They are trusting without requiring any proof or explanation, and just changing the value like it’s a secret sauce trade secret.

    The MTU size is related to the data packet size and should be as big as possible for best performance. If it’s too high for the network, data packets become corrupt. 1500 is the standard for most ISP’s for reliable transfers. If you lower the MTU size because the PSN network it not up to speed yet, you are effectively spamming the network with an increased number of data packet traffic, causing further DOS denial of service issues. A data transfer always needs a header at the front, but the packet size it is carrying should be as big as possible, otherwise more data packets have to be sent, causing more network traffic. That makes matters worse.

    Yes if a network is under stress while it’s being repaired, a smaller packet size will improve your personal transfer success rate during that period, but it is at the expense of everyone else and makes it harder to get things back to normal. Why can’t people just be patient and wait for Sony to fix it. The thing will be up and running soon, but it will take longer if everyone is spamming the network with small file fragments.

  • A.Tins (Veteran)

    Under Maintenance – 12:35am ET – December 29, 2014

    We are currently experiencing widespread network issues that are being addressed.
    While you are waiting for us, please check out:Trading your PS4 for a New Xbox One at your Local GameStop, because our Network Engineers have no clue what went wrong.

  • DboOmen

    It still It might be easier to trade for a xbox one

  • johnkat

    MTU – 1280 works for me 🙂

  • Plerpy

    I changed mine to 1473 yesterday and it worked. Default settings still won’t let me online though.

  • Amber

    I keep getting error code after I do this CE-33992-6

  • Mike

    Still offline in Riverside, NJ

  • Kay

    I still cant connect to psn with ps4 works fine on ps3 can anybody help plz

    • Kay

      Nevermind i have it going

  • marhorn

    If this was Xbox live you would be slaying them to death! Biased journalism at its highest!!!

  • Yenal D. Draconmag

    i was wondering if this isnt working for anyone else? i have tried changing my MTU to 1450, 1473, 1475. and it gets me past the NW error disconnecting from server. it briefs me to update my info (since i only had ps3) and after i finish its like nope “error occurred during communication to server”

  • Wasteland Dan

    Didnt do a single thing for me.

    • Yenal D. Draconmag

      i was wondering if this isnt working for anyone else? i have tried changing my MTU to 1450, 1473, 1475. and it gets me past the NW error disconnecting from server. it briefs me to update my info (since i only had ps3) and after i finish its like nope “error occurred during communication to server”

  • Nsherman1985

    WORKED! Thanks!

    • Yenal D. Draconmag

      not for me

  • jersey

    i cant receive the e-mail to verify the ps4

    • Yenal D. Draconmag


  • Ps4 tips

    Can u guys download the update? I you can’t first get an empty hardrive and go on the of then download it on the hard drive then go to you ps4 and hold the power button it will enter safe mode when you get there click storage and download it like that the only problem is that if your a new user u can’t sign in but the good news in that Sony opens tomorrow at 6:00am so download

    • justerthought

      Why would a novice want to expose himself to all that fuss when all he has to do is wait a few days for Sony to fix it. It’s not like it’s the end of the world and we only have a few days left to live. Patience.

  • Wallace

    This worked great! Thanks!

  • SwedishGuy

    I dont get the confirmation mail. What to do????!!!!!!???

  • Hendi Kristianto

    ” an error occurred during communication with the server ”
    what should i do?

  • Eddie Mc Goozer

    Thank you so much dawg, now i can own some scrubs on destiny

  • orico

    worked for me, nice of sony to acknowledge it….
    Oh wait a minute..

  • Binderdondat

    This worked for me!!! Thanks so much

  • CH

    It works!!! Thank you. I used 1450 in Switzerland

  • Kingston Shotta

    Yes I’m back in thanks!!!!!!

  • younis

    mine worked as describe above info. cheers

  • Zidane

    Wow can’t believe that worked

  • Jay

    Success!! Thanks!!

  • Nils

    I used mtu 1472 in sweden and sucesfully connected. But i dont get the confirmation mail. Please Help!

  • omnisvalidus

    Yes, it worked for me.

  • setherson08

    Worked for me thanks everyone

  • Damnstraight!

    Worked for me! Thanks!

  • paul

    It work thanks you so much

  • Claire

    It worked for us – first use of PS4 since Christmas Day. We had tried ‘normally’ this evening first, before giving the MTU option a go, so I know that it was definitely the MTU change that did the trick. Thank you to all who helped find a solution.

  • Cheff

    Didn’t work for me -_-

  • Zach Desilet

    Dude can i say one thing I LOVE YOU it worked and im HAPPY 🙂

  • Moe

    1477 works perfectly

    • Christian

      I’ll try it thanks

  • Christian

    I’m at a screen that says Please Wait, wait for how long?

  • frankman100

    dosnt work for me PS4 is trash i shouldve baught an Xbox one and you know that if this issue dosnt get resolved im returning ths poor excuse for a gaming console for a real system that wont be affected by a silly group of hackers that call themselves the lizard squad, I could only imagine what would happen if they got together and created a more devastating attack! cmon PlayStation right now this whole thing just seems like a waste of money to me

    • David Phillips

      xbox had the same issue.

      • frankman100

        update: it does work now thanks but no thanks for the aggravatiuon i think i have some new grey hairs trying to figure this out

  • Jules

    Yeh I had trouble with signing in and after I made the changes I was able to finally sign into psn. Thanks for the update m8!

  • Isaak DeMaio

    I changed the MTU to 1450, but I now get error code CE-33992-6

  • Mike

    Changing MTU doesn’t work for me. Actually makes it worse as it takes like 10x longer to return the NW error message. Getting fed up with console gaming…

    • Toast

      do you think you will ever see the day of dedicated servers for each online game, like pc has been using since the 90s instead of this host bs

  • ijbrover

    Worked for me – Norwich, UK although PSN / Network dropped out shortly afterwards playing The Crew. Stayed connected to PSN tho

  • Moods98

    MTU to 1450 works in UAE! 🙂

  • ryno

    it worked in illinois thanks


    Just got signed in…changed mtu to 1470..turn 0s4 off then on then worked…good luck 🍀 from Belfast Ireland

  • Diaz Delzao Bri-Ella

    Im not getting the email to verify my email address please help someone

    • sascha

      me either MS takes 5 minutes to an hours it’s 9 hours still no email can’t play online or use PSn store to download free game tokens given in the destiny pack

  • Michael Ellis

    1472 worked thanks soooooooo much!!!

  • Mike Hyde

    Thanks for the fix

  • Percy

    I keep getting “cannot connect to PSN within time limit” Check my connection and everything, its perfect. It just won’t connect to the PSN. Even tried the 1450 thing, still nothing.

    • Perseus Alistair Halliwell

      Scratch that, changing MTU to 1472 has worked for me!


    Still not working yyyyyyyy

  • battleoffields

    Working in washington

  • Louis

    When i change the mtu and then test the connection it just stops and tells me to sign into psn but it wont let me sign into psn. Can anyone help?

    • Christian

      Same message this is ridiculous my friends are online playing ps4 in Michigan why can’t I!!!!

  • topscorer ps4 user

    MTU codes please still not working?? Which code do u use????

  • fer

    Yes scotland here mtu workinga treat

    • lynn1978

      how do i find mtu setting

  • marorun1982

    used 1473 here in Quebec Canada working perfectly ( everything including the store. )

  • john jo

    cheers mtu works a treat : )

  • Juan

    It works for me too but I use 1470

  • Christian

    Are there any other mtu codes that might work?

  • Kazmania89

    Change the mtu and then restart the console. Worked for me!

  • topscorer ps4 user

    I have changed the settings MTU and still cannot sign in???.. I have not received the confirmation email?? Ps4.. please help

  • shawn

    anyone know the code for ontario
    i tried all you codes and lets me get as far as welcome second im done makin profile i get ( a error occured during communication with server

    • Mackenzie

      Me too. I have had the same problem. changed mtu to 1450. just reset console… we’ll see if it works….. nope! nothing. I’m in Atlanta, GA. NOTHING!!!! THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!!!!

  • Winn

    Mtu setting worked for me n1

  • matt

    Change to 1472

  • Mone

    Thanks guys

  • ewarren83

    It’s bull don’t work

  • Caroline Anne Ashton

    My daughter has a ps4 and also her 2 brothers there’s is ok but hers won’t connect code 31194-8 tried your advice still won’t work . I have 1 irate 12 year old help

    • Mone

      Did you reboot the ps4 try1428 ir worked for gcolangelo

  • run4ist

    Lovely workaround. Worked for me only after rebooting my ps4 after the change was made.

  • gcolangelo

    I changed it to 1428 and it worked.

  • killmycatblacky

    Worked in polisch/german PALACE

  • NJR

    Worked for me 👍 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Bjerh

    Worked for me

  • ToXxXiC

    Worked for me 👍👍👍

  • Chucky skills

    It wooooooorrrrrrkkkkkkkkeeeeeeddddd. Shabba

  • lewis

    didnt work for me

  • Simone Pascuttini


  • ben

    wow thx so much you are a lgend

  • Joe Bo

    Worked for myself. When your connection keeps timing out, it’s more stable to send smaller packets vs larger. This will only work for users that are still getting the above NW 8 ERROR Message. If one is still getting a different type of error, more than likely it will not work.