Sony confirm PSN sign-in problems with offline status

By Daniel Chubb - Dec 27, 2014

Sony confirmed there is PSN sign-in problems a couple of hours ago and this follows days of the PlayStation Network status unchanged, which is currently stating offline. One of the most reported error codes right now is NP-35000-8 and this takes place when trying to sign-in to PSN, although not even Sony have been able to fix the issues at this time.

You can see a screenshot of the NP-35000-8 error message below, which comes with the message “Sony Entertainment Network is currently undergoing maintenance”.

Within the last couple of minutes, Sony left the update below in a reply to one gamer. As you can see, they know about the PSN sign-in problems “on PS4 and PS3” with their “engineers” investigating the cause.


If Sony is still “investigating” what is causing the issues logging in, then this means they don’t have a solution just yet. This will no doubt only frustrate gamers further, especially after a long downtime thanks to Lizard Squad hitting servers with a DDOS.


Are you able to sign-in to PSN today and if it’s not working, what platform are you on and what city are you located in? Around 11 hours ago, we saw Sony explain Vita, PS3, and PS4 online services were coming back online, so the current issues will only confuse.

We know many of our readers have patience, but it must be running out by now after so much downtime. Feel free to leave a comment with where you think the blame lies as well. This report follows one earlier today in regard to code NW-31194-8, although Sony has now confirmed the issues and revealed problems at the sign-in.

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  • SamD

    Sony you can suck a big fat one. 4 days Im sure you a-holes won’t compensate us back for Im sure.

  • cleanupman614

    What if you got playstation plus. Do our days roll over and rival day day on 2k15 lol

  • John Mcgoldrick

    It’s a nightmare, I’m getting code NW-31194-8 at log in, and it’s doing my head in, I have no idea how to prevent this, but I’m sure big companies like SONY should know how to prevent it, so why don’t they? And yes, people who are affected SHOULD be compensated, free games, money on account for ps plus? All’s good by me whichever route they take just get it fixed please, or you will lose a hell of a lot of customers.

  • X11063

    Its back up im on the store I live in las cruces nm

  • Tazzy

    Damn i still cant sign in (NW-31194-8) how long must we wait??this freaking annoying!!

  • smitty

    Connection to server has been lost. God dam is just like to play my games while I’m on break from work for once. As it stands I still can’t get on.

    • meeeee

      it anoying

      • smitty

        Hell yeah it is. Don’t like having to pay for online when it can get knocked down this easy

  • meeeee

    mine says the connection has been terminated

  • Granny

    Anybody else getting an 80710a06 error message when using internet browser on PSN?

  • David

    Hello guys, I have the problem about the connection to the server 4th day. All this days wasn´t possible to connect. I am from Czech Republic and will be big pleasure for me to receive some actual news about the fixing of this issue, thanks

    • David

      Very happy right now, it is working!!!!! 🙂

  • eeE

    It was up last night at around 1 pacific time. … Down again now

    • aaA

      Yeah it was???

  • sonygetyourshittogetherplease

    the most frustrating part in all this, is that not 1 person in sony can give us any real information at any point other than the usual vague “we will look into it”

    i mean how hard is it to just tell us clearly “we are down due to ddos again” or “we are implementing a fix” or something like that….

  • Danny D

    Sony might want to hire the IT guys from Microsoft.

  • az

    Says cannot connect to the server within time limit for me anyone else

  • eeE

    It was up last night at around 1 pacific time. … Down again now

  • Scott Elliott

    I played on the ps4 on-line last night, tried to play on-line today nothing. Someone fix this please

  • dcuniverse

    I was online with my ps3 all day yesterday playing DC Universe online. I had no issues with that game, but other games would not work. However, my ps4 is sill reading the same error code. As far as I can tell, only Dust 514 and DC Universe are the only games that can be played online on both the ps3 and 4.

  • Josue

    I have called psn multiple times and they still have no eta. They should enable access to plus members at the least

  • Josue

    Error ce-34861-2 is what I am getting “the connection to the server has been lost”