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Selfie Stick craze at New Year for iPhone, Android

The Selfie Stick is being used by celebrities and making the top of gadget lists for this Christmas, but it will really take-off during the New Year celebrations. If you want a group photo during the New Year celebrations and at parties, then the Selfie Stick for iPhone and Android will make getting that picture much easier.

PC World in the UK is selling one model for just under £20, although you will find thousands of stores across the UK and USA selling Selfie Sticks. If you invite a teenager to a New Year party, then be sure for selfie sticks to make an appearance. It’s the new must-have gadget for the all important selfie.


In a nutshell, the Selfie Stick will support most phones including iPhone 6, older Apple iPhones, Samsung’s Galaxy S4, and other Android smartphones.

You get a retractable stick that reaches up to one metre, as seen in the images on this page. You will even find some cool technology inside, with a Bluetooth shutter control to pair with phones and take photos at the touch of a button from one metre away.

Are you planning on partying with your Selfie Stick this New Year?



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