PSN down again on Dec 27 with NW-31194-8

By Daniel Chubb - Dec 27, 2014

It is clear that PSN is down again on December 27 with a new NW-31194-8 error, which stands for maintenance and normally comes with the message “could not connect to the network”, or “the connection to the server has been terminated”. While Sony’s own support pages recommend checking server status, it looks like PSN is down again to fix the DDOS attack by Lizard Squad.

Following the problems on Christmas Day for PS4 and PS3 owners, we reported that PSN was undergoing further maintenance to deliver a more permanent DDOS fix. This article received almost 2,000 comments, but it seems the PlayStation Network is down today as well on Dec 27.


We did notice everything working in games like GTA V and COD Advanced Warfare earlier today, although things have changed once again for millions of gamers. The outage seems to be global with reports in the UK, USA, and many other countries.

One Product Reviews reader said, “My PlayStation account still can’t sign-in and receives error code nw-31194-8”. Another added, “Getting error NW-31194-8 trying to log in from South Africa, I guess no one can sign in to PSN today”.

Is PSN down again for you on Dec 27 and if so, have you been able to play games online? Some PS4 and PS3 owners have a theory that Sony is taking longer to bring their services back up, especially when you consider Xbox Live came back online almost right away, so this could mean Sony is aiming for a long-term fix against DDOS attacks.

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  • Matty Pee

    Update my end: I was able to log in via neighbours unlocked wifi and then switched over to my wifi. When I just tried to connect via my wifi I still got the 31198 BS. I didn’t have to change DNS or mtu

  • lukas

    Changing MTU port is working !!!

  • RC996

    Change mtu port from 1500 to 1473 then it worked for me!!! Back in business.

  • RC996

    (NW-31194-8) error code all the time. I live in Denmark. Other friends in Denmark are able to sign in too PSN! What’s going on???

  • Homer Jay

    Prague, Czech Republic … PSN still down 🙁

  • Dwight

    Also understandable for english people

  • Dwight

    Everyone check the latest video on the yt channel ‘denniskuhh’ he explains everything.

  • b

    Me thinks compestion by play station for taking too long

  • lukas

    Germany Weeze also dead…

  • Raymond Zimmerman

    Netherlands near rotterdam 😴

    • Rico

      Same here, also near Rotterdam! Can’t login yet.. But some of my friends who also live near Rotterdam can…

      • RC996

        Look at my post on top, try it out!!!

  • Fellows5

    Antwerp, belgium, still having problems!

    • squishee

      Indeed here the same!

  • jimmy

    I am in Melbourne, nearly 4 days tried any possible resolution but cant not login to PSN from PS4 console.

    • Matty Pee

      double negative

  • Matthew Clifton

    it is funny really sad but funny i wonder if they realise there looking at anything between 15-25 years inside as this is cyber terrorism it may look like a laugh for them but just wait until they start doing porridge (aka for those who don’t porridge is a british slang for prison).

    • Matty Pee

      The twats convinced he’s gonna get a job with Sony.

  • Matty Pee

    Still unable to connect with 31194-8 error in Toronto. I know my other buddy in Toronto has been able to connect. Mtu tricks didn’t work possibly cos ps4 is brand new. Trusty old PS3 still rocking the joint

    • Steve’s Music Store

      I did the MTU trick and put in the value of 1450 and it is working for me, I also just bought my PS4 2 days ago. I got to download The Last of US remastered, yeah it was a bit slow but hey, its working!!
      PS3 has been working for a day or two now.
      I’m in Toronto.

      • Matty Pee

        Yes i know your guitar shop very well

  • mike

    Cutom Internet settings change mtu to 1470

  • wmsmogul

    Ps4 still not working any idea how long

  • Ryan James

    ps4 still down

  • Clark O’Brien

    Ps3 logs in fine but my new ps4 is still down.

  • paul

    Still can’t sing in to psn same error code. Hull

  • Fame

    Go to set up Internet from your network click custom settings it should come up IP address click automatic then come up dhcp host name click don’t specify then will come up DNS settings click automatic then it will go mtu settings click manual and type 1450 then don’t use proxy test the Internet connection and see if it works then sign in

    • HellsgateUK

      This worked for me in the UK

    • croispain

      this worked for me 2!!!

    • Juggernaut

      This worked for me thankyou your the man

    • stewart

      absolute legend, thanks mate

    • Nick


  • nathan

    Down in savannah, georiga, usa.

  • Boom

    This is a pile of wank.

  • andrew robinson

    Still down in manchester

    • al

      Still down in Cannock. With error code for connection to server terminated!

  • Matt

    Still down for me in Derby, England. Changing MTU settings didn’t work either. Getting rather annoyed now. I’m with Sky broadband if that helps anyone. I heard that they’re fixing routers and servers depending on what you’re using. Could be the reason we’re hearing reports of some people getting back online before others? I’m no techno-wiz so apologies if what I said doesn’t make sense

  • robin

    Tried new Mtu but still not working! I got my new ps4 today and just want to set it up with my user I’d! Why can’t I even do that!?!? God this is frustrating!

  • sum

    down for 5 days…soo annoying cant wait to play FUT Fifa 🙁

    • GUNZ (Pistolaz)

      it says only that the servers are up ..however mine still won’t long in?? have you had any luck

  • Dat sins guY

    Thank u guys sooooo much I just screamed while my parents were having dinner

  • Josh

    Okay guys it DOES work it didnt before but im on destiny now
    mtu value 1472 and make sure to go to “log in”

    you dont have to reset your system itll work imediately if it does
    I live in the New England area and its been down for all of us but it works for me now.
    Hope to see you all on again =]

    • Jeff b

      IT WORKS!!! Thanks Josh!!

  • Dat sins guY

    Dammit so damn annoying I missed futmas on fifa well the best packs from futmas #fuckulizardsquad

    • Guest185057

      #fucklizardsquad i right my friend i want my cod 2 maps god damn it!!!

  • Hiliemc

    So I managed to log in but I’ve been waiting 3 hours for the verification email.. Anyone else?

    • jordan

      i’m still waiting for that email i just managed to make my account but that email isnt coming through

    • Matty Pee

      Yup not a sausage

  • bruh

    Py ps4 is back up if you change your MTU

  • Josh

    Using MTU1472 got me connected to psn finally
    however…i still cannot get on destiny…error code:cattle

  • Jsmith

    My PS3 psn works but my ps4 psn does not work can any body help with that

    • jim

      I have the same issue, I think we will just have to wait it out.

    • john jo

      yeh i also have the same issue

  • sam

    So I just have a question I have 3 friends and we all lube in the same city small city out of Boston but they all have it but me why is that? If you guys can answer that would be great I’m going crazy here thank you

    • Matty Pee

      Because you’re on santas. Naughty list

  • Guest

    Same message in Washington DC. Down since Dec. 24th at 6pm.