PSN down again on Dec 27 with NW-31194-8

It is clear that PSN is down again on December 27 with a new NW-31194-8 error, which stands for maintenance and normally comes with the message “could not connect to the network”, or “the connection to the server has been terminated”. While Sony’s own support pages recommend checking server status, it looks like PSN is down again to fix the DDOS attack by Lizard Squad.

Following the problems on Christmas Day for PS4 and PS3 owners, we reported that PSN was undergoing further maintenance to deliver a more permanent DDOS fix. This article received almost 2,000 comments, but it seems the PlayStation Network is down today as well on Dec 27.


We did notice everything working in games like GTA V and COD Advanced Warfare earlier today, although things have changed once again for millions of gamers. The outage seems to be global with reports in the UK, USA, and many other countries.

One Product Reviews reader said, “My PlayStation account still can’t sign-in and receives error code nw-31194-8”. Another added, “Getting error NW-31194-8 trying to log in from South Africa, I guess no one can sign in to PSN today”.

Is PSN down again for you on Dec 27 and if so, have you been able to play games online? Some PS4 and PS3 owners have a theory that Sony is taking longer to bring their services back up, especially when you consider Xbox Live came back online almost right away, so this could mean Sony is aiming for a long-term fix against DDOS attacks.



PSN undergoing Dec 26 maintenance for DDOS fix

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