PS Plus Jan 2015 free games for compensation

By Daniel Chubb - Dec 27, 2014

There might be rewards from Sony for guessing the full PlayStation Plus January 2015 free games lineup, but some PS4 and PS3 owners want a different type of compensation after PSN went down for days in December.

We know the PS4 will get Infamous: First Light and The Swapper, part of the PS Plus Jan 2015 free games list, but what could Sony do to make up for the outage lasting days over Christmas? Some gamers won’t blame Sony and instead direct blame at Lizard Squad, although others will think Sony should have put something in place to better handle the problem.


In fact, PSN has gone down again today on Dec 27th and it looks like this isn’t related to a DDOS. With that in-mind, should Sony really offer compensation for all this downtime? If they should, then would you be happy if you received payment through PS Plus in January 2015? There’s a number of ways this can be done.


We could see a really good AAA game offered on PS4 and PS3, or maybe even a months credit of PS Plus subscription for the downtime. Infamous: First Light is a nice title for PS4 next month, but would you rather something else instead that’s worth more to you? Sony has been battered by issues over the last few months and this also included the DriveClub release and free offering for PS Plus members.

Would you like to see some compensation for PSN downtime and if so, how could it be offered with free games through PlayStation Plus in 2015?

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  • Ben

    Unfortunately they have their right not to offer compensation, due to the disclaimer we all agreed to when signing up to PlayStation Plus. Check out the terms of service.

  • Lazzarith

    I don’t care about the reasons or excuses surrounding the outages. As a consumer, I expect to get get what I pay for. Anything short of my ISP failing me is not my concern. Sony can stand quietly behind their vocal supporters touting praises to the Corporates Gods and how we should just be grateful to be allowed to spend our dollars on a service that may or may not be provided, but at the end of the day (so-to-speak) there are an aweful lot of Christmas gifts heading back to the stores for refunds/credit. This can become a PR nightmare or miracle. How Sony chooses to respond in terms of integrity and honesty will determine the future for PSN.

    • Chris

      Oh, shut up. If it’s down, then go find something else to do in the meantime. Or do you sit in front of your TV and play games 24/7? The service is generally very good and I won’t complain if there is an outage from time to time.

  • jcurtis1981

    Sony was warned by “Lizard Squad” several days in advance that they were planning an “attack” on Christmas. They should have figured it would be DDos related, considering “Lizard Squad” is a rag-tag bunch of want-to-be’s that couldn’t hack into their own email accounts. Hopefully gamers receive some sort of compensation for Sony’s incompetence regarding security.

  • Lazy1977

    You know what your getting from sony as usual no communication and bugger all compo, 6 months music unlimited would be nice

  • delta1971

    what about owners who already have infamous-first light? prefer something like a month added to ps+ or option of a season pass for a game of our choice, have Driveclub that was ridiculous, I have 27 games since bought console in August, look at destiny code for a month but cannot be used by ps+ member to give an extra month (Xbox users get it added to sub if in a game case) why does sony not allow this ok Lizard took down site but when they stopped we still have outage, most games now need to have some of connection to sony PSN, so what happens everytime something goes wrong with sony servers? no games?? paying a fortune for games and how long they going to last before they are discontinued from server like they did with ps3 removing online gaming etc.. i.e. gt5 and a few others but with ps4 like destiny has to connect to bungie when server closes game will be useless just an expansive coffee mat. need to protect there servers look for holes and block them, they make enough where does it go?

  • alphadu100or

    Actually there shall be compensation like free service for a month ; we do pay for having access to PSN and which was formerly bothering when PSN was free is no more acceptable now we have to pay a monthly fee

  • Dale

    Ive nothing against Sony and attacks like this will happen. That said its been radio silence from them i would have expected an email or at least a notice on the website; if they bury their heads in the sand and / or do not learn from this and provide better security when we are paying for a service thats when we have a problem as consumers

  • Ian G

    The problem here is that Sony were not quick enough to react, and their communications have been and still are… terrible. They had every opportunity to head this off, and still crumbled on Christmas day, ruining the PSN experience for everyone who had a PS4 for Christmas. They (Sony) need to do some damage control here, and show that (a) They are prepared for future attacks, and (b) they listen to the community when they are angered by outages on the service they pay for.

  • Shane King

    I feel if the popular majority of PSN users do not show enough care to want/ask for compensation then we will be telling them that this was okay. In all reality this was not okay. Everyone is saying it was just a DDOS attack when it was not. There were four attacks on the network, one of these attacks resulted in information being stolen. They have shown us they have not invested as much as they should have for such a major network. This is truely the backbone of the PS4, there should have been plans in place to make this go a lot smoother then what it did. If we let this slide it is telling them that they do not have to do anything in the future and it gives them the okay to shut down the PSN network whenever they please. Yes people will not like it if they did this but it would save them money. My personal opinion stands, this should cost them more then a “I am sorry” message.

    • Josh101

      No, this was a DDOS attack. That is exactly what has been going on the past few days. Sony Pictures was hacked a month ago, which looks like it was an inside job. That’s where personal information of Sony employees was breached. NOT customers information. Research next time.

      • Shane King

        Yes you should do your research next time. Customers information was leaked.

        • Josh101

          No, it was not….

  • Sean Harris

    the only compensation we should all expect is sony making sure they have something in place to protect the service if/when this happens again.i thought that the reason that we now have to pay to play online was so they could put more money into keeping the servers up and running constantly and make them more secure.

    • Josh101

      But that’s where it becomes a problem. The only way they could prevent something like a DDOS attack is with a captcha system. Which I would have no issue with. But you know ALOT of users would complain with having to put in a code each time they login to their PS4’s. I personally think it would be worth it, spend 1 minute a day, 365 mins a year logging in is better than a day offline, imo.

  • justin

    I can play drive club, fifa 15 , and assasin’s creed online but not destiny

  • A.Tins (Veteran)

    Currently Under Maintenance December 29, 2014 – 12:41 AM ET

    We are currently experiencing widespread network issues that are being addressed.
    While you are waiting for us, please check out: Trading you PS4 for a New Xbox One at your Local GameStop because our Network Engineers can’t figure out the problem.

    I myself prefer to have an extension added to my Playstation Plus Account, because some of these games Sony offers for Free are JUNK! I’m a Role Playing Gamer such as Assassins Creed Unity. If Sony offers Call of Duty Advanced Warfare as a Free Download, OK!

  • Ohjonnyboy

    All of you are seriously reaching. The network was down less than 3 days. Why would they feel the need to compensate so heavily? At the end of the day will they lose customers over this? If they do, the people who choose to walk away are idiots. Try finding anything better. All this network and console does is strive to get better. And with few exceptions, they exceed their goals.

    • pryme

      the problem is anyone who got one for Christmas well they were screwed and most of those consoles the games they came with you had to do wich you could not do also its a paid service now not free.At the end of the day I think most people would be happy with a month added to there plus wich is not alot to ask for but when people pay for somthing or hundreds get gifts for Christmas and it does not work prepare to compensate.

      • Josh101

        That’s just it though, lost online time is no issue for those who got their PS4’s as gifts. They weren’t able to activate their PS+, so no time is lost. Those like myself that had PS4’s before Christmas, lost 2 days. That’s 26 cents worth of downtime for our $50 a year. You are asking for games that cost at LEAST 5 dollars. For only 26 cents worth of downtime….

      • John

        you didn’t pay for a service, yet….

  • I’m not asking for much

    Just give me a million dollars for the inconvenience and no more will need to be said on the matter.

  • Slave1zero

    I love Sony but end of the day they should be prepared for anything when offering a service such as they do. The PSN was down for a while which meant, loss of netflix, Now TV, messages, gaming and so on. Many people got a PS4 for xmas and were unable to play online which basically renders the console useless if you use it mainly as an online gaming machine “built for gamers”.
    Downtime should never have happened, especially when there’s the cost implication of PS Plus, Games, other online memberships such as TV etc not to mention the cost of the console itself.

    • Ksosa9

      Does netflix go down for some people? I’m just curious cause i’ve never had trouble with netflix or hulu when psn is down. Even during the 2011 hacking it was up and working fine for me.

      • Chris

        No its always up for me.

      • K8

        Netflix only goes does for Xbox. Netflix doesn’t need PSN to work as long as the Netflix app is already installed.

      • Krista

        It didn’t work for me because my ps4 was brand new and couldn’t get past the initial log in/set up and you have to download netflix app through playstation store.

    • Tiffany

      Netflix only goes down for Xbox. You don’t need PSN access or PS+ to watch Netflix.

      • pryme

        Sorry not anymore video apps like Netflix are not behind a pay all on the Xbox anymore.

    • Josh101

      Lost 2 days. That’s 26 cents worth of downtime for our $50 a year. You are asking for games that cost at LEAST 5 dollars. For only 26 cents worth of downtime….

  • dataSaMm

    Compensations aren’t required if Sony was truely hacked by hackers although PS Plus requires an extension.

    They also need to update the Single Player rules as a lot of people who have bought games online like Advanced Warfare couldn’t play Campaign Mode due to Validation of Licence failing.

    Happy New Year!

  • Nandan chebrolu

    but why did it take Sony longer than Microsoft after all Sony is and more expeinced with making concels and takeing care of their network!

  • Nandan chebrolu

    I mean it is not their falut it is a hhacking group but in concideration of ps plus the should repay us or give us extended ps plus time.

  • justin

    Give me the last of us

  • orico

    they cant help the ddos attack but why oh why does it take nearly two days longer than microsoft to sort out?

    • Josh101

      Microsoft simply turned their servers back on. Sony is implementing some type of protection, but there’s not much to do when trying to prevent a DDOS attack. Prolexic for example, is a DDOS protection firm owned by Akamai. According to them, Microsoft servers have been used in DDOSing websites, in “botnets.” They were basically hijacked and used.
      “According to Akamai, most of the malicious sources were Windows-based servers powered by Microsoft’s IIS Web server technology.”

  • Jordan Peele


  • Jordan Peele

    When I first heard that PSN went down due to hackers, I looked at my lady and I said, I said…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch

    • Matthew Bryant

      Both PSN and Xbox Live were down. There’s no reason to believe that hackers had anything to do with it. First of all, DDoS attacks aren’t hacking. Second, this wouldn’t the first time Lizard Squad has claimed to take down a network with absolutely no proof. Downtime for PSN and Xbox Live during Christmas isn’t abnormal. Last generation Xbox Live had issues for a full two weeks following Christmas in 2007. If they said it wasn’t a DDoS attack, it probably wasn’t a DDoS attack.


    pay my rent and internet bill for the coming month and I’ll forget PSN went down during one of the high traffic time of the year.

  • MechanicJ420

    Meh, Like You Said, Maybe 3-4 $70 Dollar Games Should Become Available With The Option To Choose 1 To Download Free Of Charge. Or Even A Free Month Of PS Plus. Something Should Be Done Though, Seeing As It WAS Christmas Day. Pretty Much Ruined The Last 3-4 Days For Gamers And Their Families.

    Not Expecting Much Though…. -.-

    • GuyWithEyeBalls

      This is probably the most realistic expectation as far as compensation goes.. I personally wouldn’t say those days were ruined though.. Single player does exist……… For now

    • Matthew Bryant

      So you want them to give you a free game that’s worth more than the cost of PS+ for an entire year? That makes absolutely sense… It was down for a couple days. It wasn’t down for the last 3-4 days. I was up and playing online again yesterday morning. You don’t get anything for a service being down for 2 days. Let’s be realistic.

      • Reid Thomas

        it do make scence they dont mind chargeing you 80$ for a game every time Cause of christmas and make it so u have to get them for two differnet consoles but in fact they put them out on four which makes no scence !

  • bryan swift

    Better give me a few hundred worth or im going pc/steam box and will implement a rule in our community that ps3 of any sony product will get you banned from the compund

    • GuyWithEyeBalls

      Few hundred? Lol I love when broke/cheap people ALWAYS talk about getting an exaggerated amount of compensation for anything.. Regardless of the severity..

    • Matthew Bryant

      They already gave you $1300+ worth of content for $50 this year. Stop being over dramatic.

    • Screaming for vengeance

      Just offer some better games on ps plus on the upcoming months, or at least they could give us back those 3-4 days on our suscriptions, but sony won’t give a damn tbh

  • Anthony Kincer

    Dead Nation for Ps4, it would make sense considering it was an og giveaway back in 11′

    • Crystalboob

      Dead nation was already done as a free dwnld for ps4

      • GuyWithEyeBalls

        Wouldn’t matter if it was a PS Plus release if they gave it to non Plus members.. PS Plus members aren’t the only ones effected by the down time..

    • Matthew Bryant

      They’re not going to give anyone anything free for two days of downtime. Get real.

  • HerveS94

    Sony better reward us lol (kidding) i feel so sorry for em.

  • 7C

    Im actually kinda happy that lizard squad did this. it just meant that people actually had to spend time together over the holidays instead of zone out on their new systems. That being said the holidays are over!! So now we can get back to gaming lol.

  • SixteenthAxis

    I want a free game of MY choosing. No matter what type. ONE and only ONE game no matter the price, just completely FREE. 0 dollars. No strings attached Entirely up to me of what game I choose.. Ps+ or not. Completely Free.

    • Michael

      Good luck with that. Never going to happen. Ever.

      • hoshang

        Happened we got Mirror’s edge on PS3 and NFS on the Vita.

        • Matthew Bryant

          Noticed the “MY choosing” part of his message. Sony has no reason to offer compensation for 2 days of downtime. People are ridiculously self-entitled.

        • Ksosa9

          That was EA’s gift for the 20th anniversary of playstation.

  • ipot_04

    Infamous First Light has been revealed as the free PS4 game for January 2015, 2 months ago.

  • Robert Faust

    How about dropping the requirement for ps plus to play online for ps4 Forever. This is why I still buy pc games from steam, there is no charge!

    • GuyWithEyeBalls

      I believe every PC gamer has been paying to play online since…. Well, Forever.. Unless you free load off your parents router..

    • Matthew Bryant

      You do realize that F2P and subscription models exist on PCs to compensate for the low AAA sales right? There’s a reason why developers favor consoles. Besides, I don’t think Sony is worried given that the PS4 is still the fastest selling console in history at this point.

  • That Guy

    Just the total number of down days added to the end of our subscription would be fine enough for me. Here’s to all the people who had to spend the holidays infront of computers trying to fix this mess instead of being with your loved ones, thankyou; if no one else Lizard Squad owes you an apology.

  • Mac Taz

    Forget getting compensation, this is a scam

  • Residentsteve01

    Driveclub ps plus would make up for it lol.

    • tiny_niggah

      Drive club is absolutely horrible. I wish i never spent the money on it…

    • tiny_niggah

      Drive club was horrible i wish i had never spent the money on it….

    • Ksosa9

      Hell yasss I been itching to play it after the sound and weather patches.

      • Josh101

        You need to get it. It is the best racer on the market, seriously. The graphics are absolutely draw-dropping.

    • Josh101

      At this point, getting Driveclub physically would be the best option. Honestly, the game is worth it.

  • Viliami Tuanaki

    A month credit for 2 days of downtime? Only in your dreams.

  • Freddy

    As much as I would like something in return for the downtime, I won’t be upset if I dont (fact is I haven’t really played much of the free PS+ games I have already)

    Sony are having a hard time at the moment, and this doesn’t help, just as they started to pick themselves back up again, someone has to knock them down.

    As like another has said, I like to play FFXIV:ARR on my PS4, it doesn’t really need the PSN servers (only for authentication I suppose as you link your account to their services) but I was unable to play that at all, during the PSN downtime. Having a way to bypass this would be nice (but again this is too much hassle to work on, you can blame sony for not putting this in place as a “just incase we get hacked” protocol)

    My only thing is, I want people to know this wasn’t a hack, it was a malicious attack that was to strain the servers to stop people from accessing the service. A hack is a deliberate attempt of gaining access to a computer system to obtain private and confidential data (usually) in order to sell to make a quick buck.

    • Skullduggery

      Thank you its been bugging me that people keep calling Ddoss a hack when its just a control prompt command

      • Michael

        I know! Its not a hack. Nothing has been hacked.

  • bro

    I don’t blame sony for this, so im not gonna be mad if I dont get anything out of this. It would be nice if they had the ability to stop attacks like this but clearly they don’t.

    What sony DOES need to do is make it easier for us to enjoy ohr system without being logged into psn. If a game isnt multiplayer then it should be easy to play offline. I shouldnt have to be logged into psn in order to watch Hulu Plus or netflix.

    • Matthew Bryant

      You don’t have to be logged into PSN to watch Netflix. I had Netflix and Amazon Prime running fine the last 3 days. And I don’t know of any single player games that are difficult to play offline. Do you not own a PS4? Maybe you should check before you comment next time… <.<

      • Kato

        Ac4 black flag single player cant access your fleet. And you cant install new games when the psn is down. Dont act like you know everything unless you do.

        • Josh101

          Yes you can install new games when the PSN is down. Just not digital games, obviously.

        • Viliami Tuanaki

          “Don’t act like you know everything unless you do.”
          Speak for yourself, because you were wrong about the fact that you can’t install new games when PSN is down.

    • Ksosa9

      Hulu and netflix worked fine for me all week long, heck they worked for me back during the 2011 hacking.

  • lucas

    Sony should give every one a free game you get a one off download your choice on what game not the stupid psn free as what if you all ready have psn its a joke we pay money on there console and on games we pay for psn and thats all they can come up with o here you can have the free games we was giving for free as compo not on were not mugs

    • UberGhostBob

      They can’t do that because it would violate contracts. They’d have to set a price limit, and get all the companies to agree.

  • Lewis

    Because the servers has been down for a period of time now I think a gift voucher or a free game e.g far cry 4 or a new game should be given to those people as this is a disgrace!

    • Alex

      Calm down lmao I just bought far cry 4 for 60$ and you honestly don’t deserve to get it for free for your whining and immaturity. So go lay in a ditch for a while and calm down because it’s only been two days hahahahaha

      • Freddy

        LOL Ok lets break this down.. (I am from the UK so I will be using our currency)

        PS+ costs £40 a year, there are 360 days in a year so that must mean I am paying the equivalant of around 12p a day, so for 3 days I have lost 36p (by todays exchange rate that equals 57 cents?).

        I can see where you get the $60 worth of free game from!

        If you start saying “but I am paying for a service and its the inconvenience of it all” then to you sir, I say Get a life, there is more to this world then playing games, especially over the festive season, try being sociable and chatting to friends and family..

        Yeah I will be honest this annoyed the hell out of me at first, but then I found other things to do instead, Its not like it will be down forever!

        • Keith Stafford

          Its more about the breach of contract than how much it is actually worth. The fact of the matter is, customers pay for a service in advance and Sony have failed to deliver. There’s also the issue where you can’t even use your console off line, these consoles are not cheap so is it so unreasonable to expect to be able to use it?

          You wouldn’t accept that with a TV or any other electronic item in your home, why should you accept it from Sony.

          Of course the attack was not their fault, but the ridiculous amount of time its taking them to fix it, most definitely is

        • Vince Partridge

          Well, I disagree. I’ve had no connection since 24th December but have been quite happily playing my games, (Tomb Raider, Watch Dogs, etc), in single player. No complaints really. Hardly play on-line anyway because of all the cheats, hacks, exploits that spoil it, or the kids that join a team and then go Rambo on their own….lol….

        • G

          Can’t use your console offline? LOL Do you actually know how to use your console? Moron!

        • GuyWithEyeBalls

          Lol You put it in kind of a dickish way but I completely agree.. R.I.P Campaign..

        • Matthew Bryant

          There is no breach of contract. Try reading your ToS sometime. If you don’t like it, stop buying consoles. You’re welcome.

        • Chlbron

          Matt mate, please shut the hell up, unlike you we have lives and don’t have to reply to EVER SINGLE FREAKEN USER ON THIS THREAD!!!! Please stop trying to act smart and get on with your in-existing life. Since you have soooo much money, how about you get off and play your games and let everyone else be themselves. We don’t all have million dollar houses like you. This is a discussion page, not a Q & A with Matthew page, do yourself and everyone else a favour and get off…

        • Moggles

          I agree with most of this, but what some people fail to realise when they say “get a life” is that many people don’t have one. I had one day off work between dec 1 and jan 31 and I was looking forward to some online game time. Maybe if I had family I wouldn’t be so upset, but I have no family and my friends were all spending christmas with theirs. PSN was my escape from the fact that I’m alone, and I missed it.

          That being said, although I would not refuse any compensation, I do understand that these things happen and actually trust sony as a company far more than microsoft, I would not be upset if there was no compensation as I don’t know the first thing about how hard it is to keep a networking company up, online and running for the millions of users world wide.

          And 3 days is nothing….pretty sure it was like 15 days in 2011. We still have 12 days before we start crying about freebies….(not that i dont want freebies…no one says no to freebies)

        • Matthew Bryant

          If you’re working that much, it’s time to find a new job. Seriously. Life isn’t meant to be spent working.

        • Desmond Bonilla

          SUCK MY CHOAD.

        • Ksosa9

          yep the 3 days were nothing to me, the outage was more like 20-25 days though back in 2011. Then we got 1 month ps plus and 2 free games out of some old choices, so I don’t really expect anything major from sony nor do I blame them since it would cost a lot of money. I’d rather them keep the money to get some new Ips or let game developers keep their jobs tbh.

    • william hopkins

      Simple fact is we pay for ps plus now, thus that means we are in a contract and with that in mind Sony has broken thus contract whatever the reason or circumstances. We are due compensation, and I don’t think free games will cut it tbh, I personally have but uve got kids who had new consoles and games for Christmas, or maybe crimb eve /day/boxing day is all some people’s had off over the holidays, people have lost out on something paid for in advance the compensation needs to reflect the down time and the upsetting atmosphere created for the once a year Christmas event (especially for children) that was missed out on.

      • Matthew Bryant

        Yeah, it doesn’t work like that. There are terms and conditions for Playstation Plus and it’s understandable that downtime occasionally is one of them. I pay for a WoW subscription as well. That doesn’t mean that the service won’t go down occasionally. You’re being ridiculous. It was 2 days. They owe you nothing. And that’s probably exactly what you’ll get.

  • Damocles

    I agree with Michael. I purchased the digital copy of dragon age and I haven’t been able to play it yet. Even though it did download, and the update, just throws an error. This coupled with Virgin Media outages i had, means at the moment it’s a little like a large door stop

    • Eh

      Disconnect from the internet in your network settings, make sure connect is off and it should load. I was having problems playing DAI and that fixed it

  • skymie

    Honestly if playstation gave even just the ps + members a credit every time the network went down they would go bankrupt and we would all have free ps+ for life. With that said maybe like a 25%discount on a game of our choice for the four day outrage would be economical and a nice jester. Or if they would just not give us anything and put that money towards upgrading there cyber security networks I wouldn’t complain.

  • Michael Ladouceur

    I could care less about free games, I own first light and the swapper, sony should remove the lock on everything when psn is down. Its very frustrating when you spend over $1500 on digital content since launch, in this down time psn sees very frequently, not one title that I pages for offline or online, can be accessed. NP with my vita,ps3s xbox1 or wiiu. Wtf sony don’t lock content which has been pages for on the ps4

    • gamdjP

      I have a PsP, Ps Vita, Ps3, Ps4, 3DS XL, Wii, and a WiiU.. Not a single digital download (Minus Plus titles add ons and download only games).. My Point? Choosing digital content is idiotic.. And that isn’t calling you an idiot.. Yeah, It’s easier to access but you welcome a bunch of negatives.. Limited memory, Even with a 2TB hard drive I ran out of memory on my PS3 just from Plus games and thousands of dollars on games with huge amounts of instal space.. Yeah you could delete it but the point is that it’s better to not HAVE to.. You’re also limited to where you can play those digital downloads as Sony has a 2 console limit.. You don’t get the little treats that come with a physical copy.. I personally love box arts.. Or the extras like the map that comes with GTAV on the PS4.. Or the Awesome collectors editions like The Wind Walker HD collection on Wii U.. And download prices are always higher (Minus sales.. But even then a decent deal is rare) despite getting less..

    • Josh101

      They digital content that you purchase will always work online. PS+ games won’t after a certain period of not checking in with PS servers. They only way they wouldn’t work is if you don’t have your PS4 set to “Primary.” If you have issues, you’ll need to go into “Settings” and to “Network.” Uncheck the option that says “Connect to Internet.” That will allow your PS4 to operate fully in offline mode.

  • ian mathes

    They, if anything should just extend ps plus services or something. No service for a couple days doesn’t require a full game for compensation. It would be nice and i wouldn’t say no, but not warranted.

  • Darren Kirkbride

    its not the end of the world lets be honest but maybe a little discount on games would help

  • Scott

    Credit and a free copy of GTA V please

    • bitch_tits

      Thats deffinately not happening dude