Destiny down on PS4 today, servers not available

By Daniel Chubb - Dec 27, 2014

The Destiny servers are not available right now on PS4, as reported by users with some still being able to access PlayStation Network, but not Bungie servers. The official status page reveals Destiny is down today with server problems, although it’s unclear if this is 100 percent unrelated to the PSN issues.

One of our readers stated, “PSN is Online but still can’t sign in”. Another added just a few moments ago, “For those that can’t get in on PS4, it keeps saying Destiny servers are not available”. The latter message seems to be the same for thousands, which is also backed by tweets landing every few seconds.

Destiny down on PS4 today

Are you able to access PSN, but still receiving the Destiny servers are not available error? We would love to hear from our readers along with the platform they are using, so leave comments below.

The situation was summed up in this tweet “PSN servers down yesterday, now they’re back and the Destiny servers are down! Just wanna try my new game”. Do you feel this frustration, it looks like bad luck all around for PS4 owners. We will have more information on the server status once it arrives.

Update: Bungie’s last official tweet detailed that PSN servers were gradually coming back up online, although there’s been no confirmation about the current problems with this game directly.

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  • Esme

    Bought the game for chritmas such a waste of money not even been able to get in to play it 5hrs to do update & still cannot get in a very disgruntled person right now.

  • Sam

    We pay for ps+ and they still can’t provide adequate connection like xbox live like they promised, they probably don’t invest a cent of that ps+ money on more reliable and secure connection

  • Dev Z

    My psn network is working but I can’t play destiny due to the a Destiny server not being available. This is b.s.

  • johnnyg

    unfortunate guys. I have destiny on PlayStation 4

  • darren

    first the psn is down for days then when it comes back on i cant get onto destiny?,whats going on here,not a lot of info off either bungie or sony,i am thinking that this DDOS has had more severe conotations?

  • aigniadngidsngi

    I can log onto PSN but when i start Destiny it says, “The Servers are unavailable at this time” or something like that. This is on PS4 for those who dont know

  • Frustrated

    I was able to play all morning, but as soon as I logged out I’ve spent the last hour trying to log in with no success. PSN is also sketchy, having to keep logging in multiple times and then getting disconnected.

  • mikey

    ps4 destiny download is still down

  • Nandan chebrolu

    it worked for me just now and psn is up and all my friends were playing with me

  • a random guy

    I bought the PS4 and a few games, including Destiny, for my children (& myself) for the holiday. I took the time to download all the content and completely set up the PS4 so it could be played during our time off. While I understand that the outage is not the fault of Sony or Bungie, I also understand that it is their responsibility to sell products which are functional. The players should be compensated…

  • Zayed

    Destiny is down, the store is online though on PSN.

  • phil

    un real sony is ok with some of its customers up and say screw you to rest of its loyal gamers im still unable to get in shouldnt they be taking calls all weekend and fixing issues

  • Faycal

    PS4 still down ( the connection to the server has been terminated )

  • Sweetcatastrophe

    PS4 back online, Destiny servers still down – East coast

  • nowayfool

    For ps4 its still down

  • Benzz

    XUR is staying until Monday Night (American time) so Tues morning (UK) – if you have server issues on XBONE, hold power button for 10 seconds until you hear the xbox click off, go back on and you should receive a destiny update, works fine after that.

  • John Philyaw

    Sure hate it for ps4 users cuase,y’all gotta pay an you can’t even get online.I’d be complaining bout giving you your days back you y’all have missed

  • John Philyaw

    I’m on ps3 playing destiny rite now

  • gamer 666

    Come on just want to cash in my strange coins with xur……

    • chris

      Coz of sony can’t get my exotic

  • Jarrod

    After buying a ps4 I finally get on to the psn after 3 days then have to wait 2 hours for destiny to update and now It fucken says the servers are not available really… What a joke

  • ben

    Stuff don’t work

  • ben

    Stuff the work with

  • Davel

    Was able to get on Destiny last night by mashing X but no luck with that today.

  • Brad

    I read comment below saying they got in by repeatedly pressing x button to get into Destiny. Thought, na that won’t work. But in desperation I gave it a try and now I’m in. Not sure how long it will last or if my gameplay will save!

    • Pat

      This does work! Thank you!

      • Eduardo De La Cruz

        It’s not working for me

    • Jack

      Worked for me thanks!

  • Megan Rosario

    I’m on psn but can’t get on destiny.

  • Kenny

    I can get into PSN but it continually tells me that the Destiny servers are down. I’m sure everyone shares my frustration, as it’s a long Christmas weekend and I can’t get my fix. An estimated up time would be fantastic. Instead all I can find is ambiguous wording stating that the servers are down and slowly coming back up. Further detail would be fantastic.

  • TriageONE

    I got in as well by mashing X with my bog toe as I used my hands for typing this message. I was about to say something else regarding what was going on.

  • lucky but for how long?

    I just got in

  • Andrew Martinez

    Able to log on to psn sometimes but unable to access Destiny servers still. Some players were able to play Destiny earlier in the day.

  • bubba

    I’m in on psn, but not bungie

  • ep

    PSN is still completely offline for me, changing MTU setting haven’t worked, so I can’t comment on whether or not Destiny works for me. On the flip side, I saw a few articles that suggested there were issues with Destiny servers on Xbox One as well.

    • Bigjoe275

      Not as much as psn I’ve been on all day playing destiny.

      • ep

        Good for you. That makes no difference to me whatsoever

  • Ruby-Joshua Cottrell

    Has not been able to connect to psn on ps4 since noon, however played all morning long till then

  • Felix Blaq

    US Central Time: 1433
    Unable to log in to Destiny; all other PSN services working fine.
    Was able to play for two hours this morning by massively spamming X every time the Unable to Connect message showed up. Same trick no longer working; nor are plug/unplug tricks nor Restore License tricks.

  • Zach

    I just went to the tower seen xur and have been doing bounties.. destiny servers are fine it’s psn that is messed up

  • Aaron

    I’ve just tried several times to gain access to the Destiny servers on PS4. I am unable to join due to the Destiny server(s) not being available. I do however have access to the PSN as well as access to other online games.

  • K

    PSN login issues, then destiny login issues, PS4 in Germany(U.S. Soldier)

  • keynen

    I was on till about 10 minutes ago where it kicked me offline.

  • Michael Cuellar

    the destiny servers were up a couple of hours ago, around 2 or 3 in the morning

    • WPack911

      I was able to use the MTU setting (setting MTU in internet settings to 1473) trick to get back on PSN and login to destiny then, I am still on it now, so the servers are up if you are still logged in anyway.