Where Xur is in Destiny on Dec 26 with items

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 8, 2015

The video we have for you today reveals where Xur is in Destiny on December 26, or Boxing Day in the UK. The United States PST arrival time was 1am, although this would be 9AM for BST and when a new Destiny Xur location was revealed today. Sadly, the weapon might not be what a few players wanted and is something we had not long ago.

Now that we have past the spawn time, you will be able to find the Agent of the Nine along with Destiny Xur’s new items, Exotic weapon, etc. We have included a video below this article taking you to the exact location, so jump to that to see exactly where you need to go in the tower.


Where is Xur in Destiny on Dec 26? You will find the agent on Boxing Day near the Vanguards, along with the new items to purchase with Strange Coin and Mote of Light.

While the full list of items are featured in the video below, in a nutshell you will find No Land Beyond, Warlock: Claws of Ahamkara, Hunter: Achlyophage Symbiote, and Titan: The Armamentarium.

Are you happy with the items Destiny’s Xur has for sale this weekend and if not, what should he had been selling today? Leave comments below detailing what you purchased today, and of course what we should see next week.

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  • Michael

    Ice breaker is the only exotic i have ever really wanted disregarding the vex

  • Overlord Johnson

    too much work not enough payoff !!!

  • dan

    We couldn’t get on psn was down… what a waste of.time

  • OregonINK89

    I’m tired of xur selling crap. No land beyond… Wooohooo…. Not until they buff it. And can we please keep the dang exotic engrams, motes of light are useless without them. HEAR US GAMERS!!!!!!

  • TheFlashFamilyDead

    Fuk Bungie money whores.

  • BurntFarts

    Everything Xur has this week is junk. Guess I get to save up more and hit 400 coins.

    • Eidiveixbwk

      Gjallarhorn upgraded is Sweet 😛

  • TheOmishOne

    I know it’s random, but you wait a whole week and he has nothing I need. Where’s the bad juju upgrade, those guns he has seem to get the most attention. And where’s the random exotic for motes of light???

  • Anonymous