Xbox Live down on Dec 25, joins CE-34861-2

Xbox Live is now down on December 25 and joins hours of problems with Sony’s PSN with both online gaming, along with the PS Store down with different error codes. The latest is CE-34861-2, which happens when you head to the PlayStation Store and different to the E-8200013A sign-in issue.

In regard to Xbox Live, we already knew that Lizard Squad wanted to take Xbox One and 360 gamers offline for Christmas Day. It’s currently unclear if this group are the ones behind the current problems, although we will know in the coming hour if that’s the case.


Lizard Squad normally like to shout about any servers they take down on their Twitter account, which looks to be at @lizardmafia. At the time of publish, the latest tweet is 9 hours old, so this outage might not be related to the group known for DDOS attacks.

Xbox Live down on Dec 25

Is Xbox Live down for you today and if so, what city are you located in and what country? We will update Product Reviews readers with the status of Microsoft’s online gaming platform shortly, and of course if this downtime is anything to do with Lizard Squad.

Have you had issues accessing PSN today and if so, was the CE-34861-2 error code one that you received?

Update: we are also hearing that the official Xbox Live Status page isn’t working for a number of users. In fact, we couldn’t access from the UK just moments ago. The last time we looked, everything was online other than a couple of apps on this official status page.

Update 2: This is a Lizard Squad attack as confirmed on Twitter. This includes down, which looks to be the biggest outage in a day for gamers.



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