New Lizard Squad Twitter dictates Xbox, PSN status

- Dec 25, 2014

There is a new Lizard Squad Twitter account with a group or user, which seems to be playing god with the status of Xbox Live and PSN today. They are taking both of these services offline, as they see fit and are even calling themselves “a dox god”.

You can find one of their latest tweets below that states, “10,00RTS and we will stop smacking #Xbox and #PSN offline”. This follows previous messages telling the 50,000 plus followers, “XBOX LIVE AND XBOX.COM #offline”.

If you own an Xbox One, 360, PS3, or PS4, you might be having problems signing in to the stores or playing games like Destiny, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, or EA’s FIFA 15 today, which seems to be directly due to a DDOS taking online play down today.


We cannot be 100 percent certain, but this Twitter account seems to be by those behind the outages on December 25, 2014. Christmas Day could see one of the biggest attacks on gaming services in years, and it’s certainly shaping up that way so far today.

Another tweet within the last couple of minutes states, “North Korea offline”. Again, it’s not clear what that means, but this is certainly a targeted attack at many online servers and one that shows those behind the Twitter account are capable of pulling this off.

What online servers are offline for you right now and if related to Xbox Live and PSN, what game are you having problems with right now?

You can read more about Xbox Live going down today here, problems with Destiny servers on Dec 25, and also issues with the PlayStation Network that wasn’t maintenance yesterday.

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  • This sucks

    I can’t even get on on my psp

  • Swag_LorD_16

    ps i could fix this my self if i had permission by sony

  • Swag_LorD_16

    ive found lizard squad using a mix of upgraged xbox and playstation security to prevent being tracked and to prevent a resolution to the problem #fix your database security information retards

  • Krystal

    Its back up now in columbus ohio

  • longhaul

    If they are such great hackers why waste time on a gaming network. The lizard squad is a bunch of jack-offs who are only happy when others are miserable. The name lizard fits perfectly, they are not worthy of the title of human.

    • muuhurrdurr

      Ddos is not even hacking.. just kiddie bs.

  • KXcarpenter450f

    So this group is demanding better online conditions and better security. But they actually have the means to pull these services offline. I’m both incredibly pissed, and kind of impressed with this groups tenacity. Personally I’d hate to deal with their stresses of being caught. So interested in what happens with this group!

    • Jack Boyer

      They got arrested by the FBI


    Piece of crap lames don’t ruin my fun. Off work wanna enjoy my down time. Stop being cowards. I’m one of those guys who does things lol don’t let me find you lol

  • usveteran

    All this is just a bunch of people who have nothing better to do then make kids suffer. A bunch of deadbeat losers

  • william.bishop

    Well I am going to have to look at this as an opportunity to enjoy my family, rather than be divulged into COD. touché reptoids

  • matt.kraskie

    My son can’t use his new ps vita store we bought him that with minecraft and he can’t download it

  • E1337

    A lower setting means a better connection when 6 or more people are connected on the same server. An example would be destiny or gta 5.

  • E1337

    RTS & Fragment Threshold Settings. The lower the threshold settings the better connectivity.

  • Static

    What number is 10,00? lol

    • Treet

      Pretty sure they mean retweets

      • egarcia1360

        He means that it could mean 1,000 and the comma was in the wrong place, or it’s 10,000 and they missed a zero

  • Argus Dune

    Yoda has been quoted

    “A naked women they have not seen”

  • !!!!!!!

    why the lizard squad suck i hate them hiding behind a computer screen you are probably 18 and sitting in your mums basement get a life you sad people

    • lizard squad lives wid mommy

      I can’t wait for the fbi to arrest them an teachem… teach them all the way.

      • annon

        i would just bloody murder them slowly and painfully making them suffer

        • Ronnie

          I would definitely agree with you