Far Cry 4 1.04 update live at 635.5MB

By Daniel Chubb - Dec 25, 2014

The Far Cry 4 1.04 update has gone live on December 25, a day you can count on many more PS4 owners playing this game thanks to receiving it as a gift, or being at home playing online. The file size is 635.5MB, as you can see within the screenshots on this page.

We have included the Far Cry 4 1.04 update notes below in a couple of screens, which focus on fixes to matchmaking and co-op. The list is broken down into different areas for the bug fixes, and also with letters breaking down the key fixes.


Did your PS4 install Far Cry 4 update 1.04 without any problems and if so, how is the game performing after this patch? Our download went pretty fast, as you can see in the screen above, and everything installed without a glitch. We haven’t noticed any other changes different to those mentioned in the patch notes.



Our matchmaking is also performing better now since installing this update, although we’d love to hear from our readers that play Far Cry 4 and have installed this update. Is matchmaking working well on Christmas Day for you? If there is some issues, then they might be due to servers being extra busy today.

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  • redseasplitter

    I want to ask how u check the patch notes on the ps4?

    • Arwin van Arum

      Select the game and press the Options button, then choose Update History

  • Jacob

    i never downloaded on christmas day and far cry 4 worked fine then today the same just happened to me and while at the title screen it said their undergoing maintenance

    • Jacob

      also late yesterday all the enemies disappeared from my game i’m guessing thats when it downloaded the patch

  • Dave

    I installed it. Now it won’t log in…. When I turn internet off, it allows the game to load, but has no interaction sounds like footsteps, or opening doors. Haven’t heard any story line voices either…..

    • Mark Cave

      Since the update installation the game runs to the far cry 4 screen and attempts to log me in and does nothing. This update has also affected my other games and will bit allow me to load anything else??

      • Arwin van Arum

        Issues are due to a pirate attack on PSN service for PS4, not due to issues with this patch. Things should be returning to normal again, though at times I’m finding connecting is still difficult.